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Our readers love tentacles… whether that’s octopus elements, squid decor, or Cthulhu Lovecraftian good times. You may also be interested in our nautical wedding archives, or our mermaid weddings.

Not all rainbows and glitter: X reasons dark wedding themes are glam AF

Not all rainbows and glitter: 16 reasons dark wedding themes are glam as hell

We love to feature rainbow weddings, whimsical weddings, sparkly beach weddings, but some offbeat weddings are dark, mysterious, and decidedly non-whimsical. That’s when goth meets Halloween meets black dresses and jewel tones and Medieval-inspired venues.

Sometimes weddings are elegant and moody and so perfectly gorgeous. Let’s take a peek at all kinds of goth and dark wedding themes and details…

Offbeat wedding themes that blew even our minds-500x333

23 offbeat wedding themes that blew even our minds

One type of wedding that we feature heavily is a THEMED WEDDING. We love our theme-less weddings just as much, but sometimes a killer theme just feels so right. Is there a theme that hasn’t been done? Surely. Are we game to see it? Absolutely. Here are a few offbeat wedding themes that blew our minds at the time (and maybe still do to this day!). Whether it was totally gorgeous, hilarious, outrageous, or just plain new to us, there have been some doozies.

Wedding mermaid crowns for your inner mermaid

Skip the veil in favor of these MERMAID CROWNS

Whether you’re channeling Darryl Hannah from Splash (gender-bent remake incoming!), or going goth chic with an Ursula vibe, these wedding mermaid crowns with crystals, seashells, semi-precious stones, and even wood, are the final touch your seaworthy wedding ensemble needs.

Let’s peruse the many versions of this whimsical headpiece style: bohemian, goth, simple, and seriously elaborate. There’s something for any landlubber up in here…

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

An octopus headpiece for the bride of Cthulhu

When it comes to octopodes and tentacles, we know Offbeat Bride readers have strong feels. And we’re right there with you — give us ALL THE OCTOPUS GEAR! Speaking of, this octopus headpiece I spied on Etsy is the goth-inspired steampunk-y, unda da sea veil of our dreams.

aquarium octopus wedding invitations from Concertina Press alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Unusual nautical wedding invitations featuring all manner of scientific sea creatures

Ruth Bleakley, the designer behind the unusual nautical wedding invitations of our sponsor Concertina Press has one top frequently asked question (besides, “OMG, can you design our wedding invitation, please?”). And the answer is fascinating…

Tentacle teal wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

The mirrored corset at this teal and tentacles firey wedding stole our hearts

Liz and Tony’s wedding inspiration came from trips and involvement in the Burning Man community where they met some of their closest friends. Some of our favorite parts were their customized outfits in teal and green with octopus light-up umbrellas, and their reception with fire dancers, fire sculptures, and a ring nest complete with robin’s eggs. Liz’s dress featured loads of tentacles and a corset made from shattered pieces of mirrored glass. You’ll absolutely want to see the whole shebang.