A look under the shell of the seafoam circus wedding

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 | Photography by Rawtography
Photos by Rawtography

barn-acle-weekContinuing our mash-up theme of barns and tentacle content in one week (BARNACLE WEEK), we've got some new insight into Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver-Van Dkye's seafoam circus wedding, full of tentacular goodness!

If you couldn't get enough of ogling the undersea and sideshow details, get ready for MOAR in the form of the full wedding video and a podcast interview with the backstage info on both of the ceremonies.

You'll see the master of ceremonies and his giant tentacle hat, jugglers, acrobats, and ribbon dancers, the full ceremony, sweet and funny speeches, Arlene and Dick's swingin' first serenade (I mean, would it be any other way?), and lots and lots of close-ups of their fabulous decor!

Photos by Rawtography

Head over to our feature on the wedding to see lots more photos and all the awesome vendors who put it all together (including one of our favorite coordinators, Rebel Belle Weddings)! Thanks, Arlene, for keeping us posted on all of the behind-the-scenes fun!

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