Fancy cake adorably attacked by cheerful octopodes

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 | Photography by Pixie Vision

barn-acle-weekWe've got Sheyne and Glenn's steamy, tentacle-filled wedding coming soon, and we wanted to give you a little preview in the form of their striped and rose-bedecked cake getting consumed by swirly green tentacles. Oh, and two of the sweetest little octopodes took up residence at the top to hug it out. I nub loo BARNACLE WEEK!


They look super chuffed for Sheyne and Glenn. Little did they know their eaten-by-giant-people doom was approaching. At least we got to see the wee wedding ring encircling one of the arms before that.


Stay tuned for more from this wedding SOON. In the meantime, satisfy your craving for more octopus shenanigans with our new tentacle tag archive, which caused a fair bit of lively (and hilarious) conversation over on our Facebook page.

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Comments on Fancy cake adorably attacked by cheerful octopodes

  1. Wait, is one of them wearing a tiny wedding band? Cuteness factor just increased by 20%!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!

    That is so original. You see it and you think “Oh a nice striped cake with some roses” and then it hits you,
    *octopus tentacles*
    My mind is blown.

  3. Agh, so jealous. We didn’t want a cake (we’re having a dessert bar), and I recently found out that one of my fiance’s relatives is getting one for us. Can I ask where you found your topper? We have a history of octopus gifts between us, and we both love this!

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