Find out why Melissa Miksch is Seattle’s wedding photographer super hero

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Erin and Bill's brass knuckles themed wedding.
Erin and Bill's brass knuckles-themed wedding.

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)You might remember our sponsor Melissa Miksch from when she divulged her insider info on buying your wedding rings.

While Melissa is no longer a wedding ring-slinger, she and her husband Mike are the talent behind Seattle's Melissa Miksch Photography.

Melissa Miksch Photography was founded on the principle of being the awesome-but-still-affordable wedding photography option. Check out all the ways that Melissa and Mike work their butts off to keep you within budget, while having fun all the while…

I wanted to share one more image from Erin and Bill's brass knuckles-themed wedding.
I wanted to share one more image from Erin and Bill's brass knuckles-themed wedding.
We pride ourselves on being affordable. We aren't the cheapest, but we do our best to not inflate our prices just because the word “wedding” is attached. We also realize that not everyone has the budget or desire to hire a planner, and so we always make sure we sit down with all of our couples ahead of time to discuss the day, the timeline, and what you really want out of your wedding photos; and then we help on the day-of to make sure that plan is executed… We're going to listen to what you want, help you figure out what you need, and then show up on your wedding day ready to be part artist, part photojournalist, part cat-herder.
Engagement shoot at the Roozengaarde display garden.
Engagement shoot at the Roozengaarde display garden.

Basically, hiring Melissa Miksch Photography means they'll not only photograph your wedding, but they just might also keep it running smoothly! In fact, this desire to “save the day” has led them to carry their own “Oh Shit! Kit,” which has been used to sew a button back on a tux, fix a pulled hip-seam in a mermaid style gown, and safety pin tons of errant straps.

Tattooed mama bride!
Tattooed mama bride!

Melissa Miksch Photography also knows that not everyone wants the whole “full day-of photography” package, which is why they offer options that cover as little as three hours (perfect for elopements), and go up from there. In fact, they have this awesome promotion for our readers…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Since Melissa Miksch Photography does à la carte pricing, they would be happy to give a $250 discount to couples that book $2500 or more in services. Just mention that you heard about them on Offbeat Bride!

Engagement session in Kerry Park.
Engagement session in Kerry Park.

Photographers who double as wedding super heroes, affordable photography packages that can be customized to fit your individual needs… what more could you want, Seattle!? Book Melissa Miksch Photography before they're off like a shot, rescuing someone else's wedding.

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  1. I first saw Melissa’s work at a display at the Manor during an open house. I had just gone to the Wedding Show and been extremely annoyed at all the photographers who display only girls with model figures as their samples. A few even responded to my question “how are you at doing pictures with a plus size bride?” with a flippant “oh it’s just like shooting everyone else”. No…no it’s not. Just no. One photographer actually winced at me like the idea of taking pictures of a plus size bride was painful! RUDE!
    There was a big difference with Melissa. Her display showed brides of all sizes and shapes, and front and center, proudly displayed was a plus size bride who looked radiant, confident, and happy. I talked with Melissa briefly about the picture, and she said “you can’t shoot everyone the same way. You have to find where they’re comfortable and then they just start shining”. Out of the hundreds of photographers who vied for my wallet, she was the one who stood out and got my business.

  2. I met Melissa for an intro coffee and while we were talking my glasses broke — she whipped out an eyeglass screwdriver and we were able to fix them in no time. True story! Looking forward to working with her and Mike for our big day.

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