Orin’s caboose zoot suit

Guest post by Lynae Zebes

When I stumbled across the photos of Orin's wonderful striped suit in the Offbeat Bride pool, I started stalking him across the web. I tried @orinz on twitter, emailing him via his website, messaging him via flickr. I WAS RUTHLESS in my pursuit — I had to know more about the outfit! Ultimately, I never could pin Orin down, but I did convince his bride to tell me a bit more about his fabulous zoot suit. Take it away, Lynae! -Ariel

Orin Peers Out

It was really important to Orin that he get to have just as cool and personal an outfit as brides get to have. One of the first places he looked was a really unique menswear store right in our neighborhood: Siegels, which has been making the same authentic suits since the 1930's, and has been around for over 100 years. They have a boggling array of different suit styles/colors/sizes. We also got his pale yellow shirt and purple alligator skin shoes there:

The Groom's Awesome Shoes

His socks came from one of our favorite websites, Sock Dreams. He had typewriter-key cufflinks with his initials, too.


Not only do I think he looked great, but I was personally very touched at how much care he took in making the wedding his own. I think the folks who expect the bride to plan everything and the groom to smile and nod are really missing out!


Unsurprisingly, though, he got more teasing for his “nontraditional” outfit than I did for mine! It's unfortunate, but I think it is definitely more controversial for a man to wear something other than a tux, than for a woman to wear something other than a white strapless A-line dress!

Wedding Portrait

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Comments on Orin’s caboose zoot suit

  1. I think you both look awesome! My boyfriend doesn’t really care about most wedding planning, but the one thing he cares about is to look good for me: he wants something dramatic, fit for a king. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Awesome. My mister wanted a zoot suit too and was not shy in speaking up about it. We found a really sweet deal on a full suit, black on black stripes, for about $120. Of course, then he wanted the wingtips and fedora…haha. He looks so handsome, and boy does he know it. I feel all sorts of good each time he tries it on (cheap suit = needed some tailoring), and I can see his shoulders straighten and the confidence and joy ooze out of him like liquid sunshine. We added a Dungeons & Dragons boutonniere that really just completed the outfit, and I’m so glad that he’s going to look and feel just like him on our wedding day, but a him that’s a tad fancier and feeling pretty damn pleased with himself.

    In conclusion: he’s the best.

    • You might by any chance have a picture of this DnD boutonniere? Because it sounds fantastically awesome.

  3. “I think it is definitely more controversial for a man to wear something other than a tux, than for a woman to wear something other than a white strapless A-line dress!”

    I had suprisingly little resistance when I announced my intention to wear a dark blue dress but any suggestion that my boyfriend might be looking for something unconventional or personalised has been met with “warnings” that he’s got to look “nice” and in everyone else’s eyes that means he’s got to be in a standard suit.

    By this point they should be used to the idea that we’re going to do things our way and that does not mean we don’t care what it looks like or it’ll be terrible but…it’s just another battle in the war I guess.

    Your guy and his awesome suit look fantastic, proof that there’s hope for the rest of us!

  4. All too often it seems that people are nervous to express themselves through attire at a wedding. I think it’s great that the trend is shifting. The only thing I’d be cautious of is theme. I’d make sure that the bride and groom’s attire matched in time-period, pattern and color tone.

  5. My fiance is wearing a traditional Norweigian bunad, but everyone’s been really cool about it. I guess if you can hide your unique choices under the guise of “tradition”, you can get away with it!

    Pics, of course, once it’s finished.

    • Men in bunads are hot! Alas, my FH is not Norwegian, though he is Danish. He also hates dressing up and suits make him uncomfortable. No way would I force him into a tux!

      I’m hoping for nice dress pants, a button-up, and depending on the weather, a vest or sweater. That’s nice enough for me!

      I can’t believe people who would let a bride design every aspect of the day, but balk at letting the groom wear what he wants. *rolls eyes* People are lame.

  6. Gasp! Oh, wow. That is a great suit. And the shoes. It’s all amazing. Also, I love the purple nails, I think it’s the perfect purple. Sigh. You two just look amazing. Pardon my drooling.

    Personally, I’m so, so bored with the expectation that every bride will wear basically the same dress and every groom will wear basically the same suit and the only time you get to express individuality is in bridesmaid dress color and flowers. We didn’t stray too far from traditional (and nowhere near this level of awesome), but I am thrilled every time my husband or I can re-wear something we wore on our wedding day.

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