When “awkward” is actually “awesome”

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As Jax, one of our favorite readers and frequent commenters, said when she emailed us:

I'm kinda upset that someone submitted this to Awkward Family Photos, because it's pretty awesome from an Offbeat Bride standpoint.

And in a rare internet form, the comment section on a snarky website is ALSO in agreement with Jax!

I know, unbelievable, right? Instead of people being mean and trollish, most of the comments are about how this photo is, indeed, AWESOME instead of awkward. Kinda makes my heart feel all fuzzy wuzzy.

So, is that really a bride and groom at a Zelda wedding? If so, why wasn't this submitted to Offbeat Bride instead? And how can we get that corrected ASAP?

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Comments on When “awkward” is actually “awesome”

    • We’re doing this too! But only for photos. Wedding party will have character hats/accessories from other NES videogames.

  1. OFFBEAT BRIDE FOR LIFE! Shut the front door! I really hope this girl and her hubby find out how awesome they really are.

  2. Its cool, the only thing that bothers me about it is that Zelda + Link is not official nor canon lol so its just the gamer nitpick in me. But congratulations to the couple! I love geeky weddings!

    • I choose to believe that’s just Nintendo dragging it out. It’s blatantly going to happen/has happened post-game, you just don’t get to see them get past the awkward ‘like you but don’t know how you tell you/really have more important things to do’ phase.

      Once Ganon’s gone and she’s stopped sending him here there and everywhere it’d happen.

      • Eh, I don’t think so, but thats something up for everyone else to decide. For example, in Twilight Princess, I think Link had more of a thing for Midna than Zelda at all. Also I always saw Zelda as more of a Brother/Sister or a Business relationship than anything remotely romantic. To top it off, Link generally doesn’t even know Zelda at all through out the whole game until the end after he saves Hyrule, depending upon game. Such as OoT you meet her as a child, and then only at the end of the game. Twilight Princess you only see her mainly at the end. Others like Link’s Awakening she isn’t even in it, Minish Cap she isn’t a real focus and is stone the whole time. Etc. etc. So I really don’t see how a relationship can obviously occur when you have no interaction with the Princess.

        Though, Nintendo leaves the relationships up to the player. That is why there are also many other “love interests” in the game 🙂

  3. This might be a stretch of my hopeful imagination, but is this a lesbian wedding as well? If so, exponential points there.

    • Yeah… I had that thought too. Maybe the groom just has a pretty smile? Otherwise, yay for gay!

    • I thought this too. But regardless of what gender(s) are involved, I want to see MOAR!

  4. thank you for this site… I’ve been on it for almost 2 hours!! I should submit a few family photos! hahaha but the above picture is indeed awesome

  5. Wow, a snarky website where people love a cosplay wedding. Did someone turn the internet upside down while I was asleep? Or is this entire thing a hallucination caused by that mirror that fell on my head this morning?

  6. everyone in the photo looks happy to me – can’t ask for more than that.
    really great costuming too!

  7. Everyone looks so happy, I don’t understand how this came into the awkward section. It’s geeky, so what? Geek is becoming more of a cultural norm than it used to be.

    That being said, I’m sure my wedding pictures will have a degree of awkward. I don’t think my very traditional father quite understands what he signed up for when he agreed to support my Flash Gordon wedding…ahh-Ahhh!

    • Are you SERIOUS? For the love of everything holy, your wedding MUST be featured here. HE SAVED EVERY ONE OF US!

  8. Haha! A friend told me about this website. This is actually MY wedding to my awesome husband! We went to Niagara Falls for the ceremony, which was really pretty. I saw that someone had posted it to Awkward Family Photos and I was shocked that there were NO negative comments! I’m glad that the people of the interwebs are excited about my wedding photos. It was definitely an awesome day!

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