9 wedding website tips to inform, reassure, and give guests warm fuzzies

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You've snagged your wedding website name, maybe a custom URL, maybe a fun theme, and now you've got to fill it with information. Guests can end up relying pretty heavily on your wedding website, especially if you're having a destination wedding, multi-day wedding, or have some cultural traditions that may be new to some guests. Let's get the most bang out of your buck by including the information your guests will need. Here are our favorite wedding website tips for offbeat weddings.

Find a theme that matches your style

We partner with Wedsites which offers offbeat and unique templates for wedding websites, so that's your first stop. This has to be our favorite part of the process.

Include an FAQ

If you're getting lots of questions from guests, here's where to direct them. Need ideas?

  • The date of the wedding (sounds obvious, but it's the detail everyone needs most)
  • How do I get to the venue(s)?
  • What should I wear?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • What kind of shoes should/shouldn't I wear?
  • Are there any colors that guests should avoid wearing?
  • If it's a wedding weekend or destination wedding, will there be any extra costs?
  • Are kids welcome?
  • Can I bring a date?
  • Does your wedding have a theme?
  • Who do we contact with questions on the wedding day?
  • We have LOTS more suggestions here

Let guests RSVP online

If you're using a site like Wedsites, guests can easily RSVP online, at home, in their undies. Oh hell yes. And the service includes photo galleries, guestbooks, music, a blog, and group emails. Online RSVPs (with meal preferences and everything) will ease some headaches.

Include a schedule and map of the area with key points of interest

Here's where we're overlapping with a welcome bag (if you're opting to provide that). Let your guests know what will be happening and when by including a day or weekend schedule with points of interest. If there will be any downtime during the wedding day, toss in a map of the area and include some of your favorite haunts that they can check out.

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A great wedding website template from our pals at WEDSITES

Include accommodations information

If you've booked a block of hotel rooms, your wedding website is a great place to house that information. Include rate information and any special discounts for wedding guests.

Link a downloadable document for printing

Include a link to download a document with location information, contact details for the venue and your chosen go-to person, and any other important information in case your guests get stuck or lost without the information.

Include your registry information

If you are planning to register for gifts or experiences, it is pretty efficient to find that information on your wedding website. This is especially true if you're going to use an online registry where guests can browse and buy. Feel free to include any non-registry gift ideas like your Amazon wishlist, too.

Tell your story

Want to give some love to your wedding party and maybe show off some of those fancy engagement photos you may have? Here's also where you can share your background and any romance that will get your guests in the mood to get weepy. Don't worry about sounding all me-me-me — this is where you're allowed to gush a little.

Shout-out any awesome vendors

Give some love to your vendors if you are enjoying their services, especially if they are a small business. It could get them a little extra business and some goodwill, which is never a bad thing.

Ready to make your wedding website? Get started here.

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  1. I’ve been toying with whether or not we REALLY need a wedding site, but it seems like something that guests expect now. I guess it’s a good way to spread the word about your registry, but I really don’t know if I want online or paper rsvps! What do people think?

    • I’m one of those technology loving introverts. Don’t call me, and don’t plan to see me face-to-face because we can text or email or facebook! For this reason, I love not just wedding websites, but websites for anything. That way I don’t have to actually call anyone, and I get all the information I need.
      We are doing online RSVP’s because to have RSVP’s printed and then include a return envelope with a stamp was just too much additional cost for us to be okay with. I was worried that our older guests would struggle to wrap their heads around the online system, so I created a directions card that gave them step-by-step how to RSVP. We’re only waiting on a few responses yet, and only one of them is an elderly guest.

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