Nervous about being the center of attention? YouAreRaven is the perfect wedding photograper for the camera-shy

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Atlanta wedding photography with You Are Raven on @offbeatbride

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)As one of Offbeat Empire's resident introverts, I can absolutely relate to being SCARED of being the center of attention. Whether you're an introvert, shy, or just private about your biz, I feel you. Even if you're the most outgoing couple ever, having a photographer who can put you at ease, blend into the background to capture moments, and respect your space is pretty ideal, right? That's why we are going ga-ga over longtime friend and sponsor, Georgia-based YouAreRaven.

Let's hear a little about why Raven is rad as hell for anyone looking for a photographer for the camera-shy, how her photos are never described as “stiff” (spoiler: she puts you at ease like whoa), and how she'll totally talk about Game of Thrones with you.

Atlanta wedding photography with You Are Raven on @offbeatbride

Here's a little info from Raven herself on what makes her tick and how she'll make you a friend for life:

I know you're uncomfortable in front of the camera. Here's a pro tip: so is everyone else ever. Seriously. That's why it's so important to connect with your photographer. Important that your photographer GETS IT and GETS YOU.

One of the biggest compliments someone can give me at a wedding is to ask how long the couple and I have been friends. People are always shocked to hear that we only met when their wedding planning began, because, as they then point out, the couple is so at ease and completely themselves and utterly comfortable. And that means the world to me because no one wants stiff wedding pictures that feel like they belong to someone else.

My couples and I have a blast when we shoot together. You need to be comfortable when being photographed, and that's not a natural state for most people. So it's my job to bring you into that place: the place where you're unafraid to be yourselves. The place in which we make bad jokes and geek out about silly things, like the Harry Potter prequel movie or season six of Game of Thrones or the most recent great book we've read. The place where you know I will take super bad-ass wedding photos in which you look STUPID GOOD.

Jeeeeez, Raven, come be our friend!

Atlanta wedding photography with You Are Raven on @offbeatbride

Speaking of friends, let's hear a little from some of her clients-turned-pals who can't stop talking about her amazing style and skill.

You're in safe hands here:

She is professional, super sweet, and a calm in the storm. Not to mention that her photos are stunning. I am very camera shy, but Raven's non-aggressive approach made me feel totally comfortable having my picture taken. At the wedding, she blended right in. I was never even aware someone was taking pictures. – Jess

First, let me say that if you are one of those folks (like me) who is uncomfortable in front of a camera, then Raven is the PERFECT FIT! I'm always the person hiding in the back to avoid the camera and am not a fan of the awkward and unnatural posing some photographers force. With that said, Raven made the entire process SO MUCH FUN and enjoyable! Raven listens to what you want, understands and incorporates it in a way that fits your personalities, and makes magic! The result is an awesome experience and breathtakingly amazing pictures! – Brittany

Atlanta wedding photography with You Are Raven on @offbeatbride

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Atlanta wedding photography with You Are Raven on @offbeatbride

Ready to find that hidden gem of a photographer who will nerd out with you, laugh with you, and blend in when it's show time (all while making you feel super at ease)? Make first contact with Raven, book your date, and snag that super special 20.15% discount that won't be around long.

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  1. I’m one of the women in the last picture! Raven was AMAZING to work with, and I’m so glad to see her being featured here. 🙂

  2. Whoa, incredible, Rebecca, you must have fun. Raven is cool. I could never imagine to shoot photos like the 2nd one, lol, awesome.

  3. Raven shot my wedding this past weekend and did my engagement pics a while back. she was an absolute joy to work with both times. I’m not the least bit shy but my husband is uncomfortable posing so Raven’s style was perfect for us. Our engagement photos were amazing and I can’t wait to see what she got at the wedding.

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