Weddings bite back: Attack your wedding with the shark awesomeness

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 | Photography by Sharyn Frenkel Photography
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You may know by now that I have a special place in my heart for sharks ever since my husband survived a sneak attack by one of their kind. Aaron and I even included sharks in our wedding — including a special ceremony to thank the shark for, you know, not killing him — shark balloons, sharks on our invites, and shark-themed favors. But Sara and Frank (pictured above in that daring shark rescue) kicked my ass on wedding shark details.

Check out all the ways you can steal their ideas to get more sharks at YOUR wedding…

Get married at an aquarium

Frankensara Hammerhead PhotobombAquarium weddings are one of the only venues where you can sharks can actually attend your wedding as guests.

Shark card box

Frankensara Card SharkWe've seen monster card mail boxes before, but check out the shark version, modified by the mother of the bride.

Shark cufflinks

Frankensara RingsThe groom's shark cufflinks proudly displaying their conflict-free wedding rings.

Shark cake

Frankensara CakeThis cake features sharks all the hell over the tiers. But it also has a hammerhead shark in a top hat and a dragon in a bridal veil as cake toppers!

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  1. Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for featuring this! I realized I didn’t put it in the Flickr, but the rings are by Bario Neal in Philly. They do great work!

  2. LOVE this wedding!!! That top picture reminds me of when Seymour rescues Audrey from the plant in The Little Shop of Horros. Totally one to show the grandkids!

  3. Thank you so much, Megan, for posting these photos. This wedding was amazing and I’m so glad I got to photograph. I really appreciate you crediting me as well!! xo -Sharyn

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