10 unique wedding hashtag sign ideas for your venue

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oh snap wedding hashtag blue floral sign alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
OH SNAP wedding hashtag sign by Sweet Cloud Design

You’ve booked your venue, said yes to the dress (or suit, or hawt nonbinary outfit), and picked out dazzling decorations, but have you thought about branding your big day with some wedding hashtag sign ideas? 

A wedding hashtag is a unique and creative way to celebrate your wedding day with a one-of-a-kind slogan that represents your special relationship.

If you don’t yet have a wedding hashtag, the pro writers at Wedding Hashers can offer you their services and customize a tag that encapsulates you and your partner’s love story. 

All you have to do is fill out a brief questionnaire about you and your partner, then a professional hashtag writer will get back to you with personalized wedding hashtag ideas within one business day.

Once you and your significant other have your special wedding hashtag in mind, it’s time to start thinking about where you’d like to display it at your wedding venue. After all, you want your hashtag to be visible throughout the evening to get your guests excited about using your tag. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve come up with the ten best wedding hashtag sign ideas to perfectly show off your lifelong slogan.  

10 Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas For Your Venue

Where at your wedding venue should you show off your wedding hashtag? Part of the creativity here is expanding the different surfaces or objects that you put your “sign” on… can a wedding favor be a “sign”? WE THINK SO! That in mind, let's dive in…

On The Ceremony Program

Showcasing your custom hashtag on the ceremony program is a great way to introduce your tag to your guests. Plus, the program is something your wedding guests can take home with them to commemorate your big day. As they go through their photos and decide on their favorite memories to post, they can easily refer back to the program and remember to use your hashtag.

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Including your wedding hashtags in your wedding programs (like these cute programs from Etsy!) is a great way to make sure your guests know what your wedding hashtag is.

On The Guest Book Table

The guestbook table can be a picturesque place to embellish with fun decor such as floral arrangements, candles, and stylish wedding hashtag signs. Whatever clever guest book idea you decide to go with, try displaying a simple wooden sign with your hashtag on it on that same table. As your guests pass through to sign your book, they’ll be reminded of your wedding hashtag.

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We love the idea of using a wedding hashtag sign on your guestbook table. This cute alternative guestbook is available here.

Wedding Welcome Sign

Your wedding welcome sign is a great way to set the tone for your big day as it matches your wedding theme, directs your guests to the ceremony site, and introduces your wedding hashtag. This will likely be the first sign your guests encounter on your wedding day, making it a highly photographed decoration. The more your guests come into contact with your signs, the more likely they’ll be to see your awesome wedding hashtag and be inspired to use it throughout the celebration.

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A wooden welcome sign like this one is a great way to display your wedding hashtag at your wedding

Acrylic Signage

Displaying an acrylic wedding sign at your venue is incredibly trendy at the moment. Acrylic signs are a modern and stylish way to enhance your space. Whether you opt for a large acrylic sign at the entrance of your venue to display wedding details such as a schedule of events or a guest seating chart or choose to have smaller acrylic signs as table centerpieces, don’t forget to put your wedding hashtag on these lovely signs.

Wedding Table Centerpieces

When it comes to wedding hashtag sign ideas, the ultimate goal is to place your hashtag in fun yet clever locations so your guests can pose with your hashtag, see your hashtag, and hopefully remember to use it when they post on social media. One of the best places to put your hashtag sign for optimum visibility would be as a centerpiece at every table setting.

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Super cute wooden wedding table centerpiece sign available here

Customized On Cocktail Napkins

Another unique way to customize your wedding reception would be to have your wedding hashtag printed on cocktail napkins. It’s little details like these that’ll get your wedding guests talking about your creativity. 

wikA8IB SuaMGOF79ZdftW9xyBcXI7zOM3J6YVO37rF8ynNiuwy7 SNXIXtZDjtE55aGAgWJu0eXjCjoL6Ahf4vxLKD UdjVE5GQJHB6kA5sNLf5JBcF0Mh7MieHlggi YecDXBaPxziqrhs8Pij9lySPjuzJcJM8cBF2D5jIbwhuM3jPD 0FnkLWma0Wg alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
How cute are these custom wedding cocktail napkins, complete with their wedding hashtags?

Wall Decor

Wondering what to put on your bare venue walls? Spice them up with a custom wedding hashtag display. Whether it's a simple wooden sign, your hashtag written in flowers, or your name up in lights, make your venue space feel like your own with some personalized wall decor.

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When it comes to wedding hashtag sign ideas, using a neon wedding sign like this one really lights up the room!

Wedding Favors

Another cute outlet to unleash your creativity would be with your wedding favors. These sweet gifts serve as a token of appreciation to all the beloved guests who came to support your love story. Whether your favors are mini plants, tasty treats, custom candles, or something else entirely, be sure to add your wedding hashtag to them to customize these gifts further. 

flower seeds wedding favors alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Imagine these flower seed wedding favors with your wedding hashtag on 'em!

Source: Minted

Neon Sign

A neon sign makes for an excellent wall decoration as well as the perfect spot for some memorable photos. With you guests posing under the dazzling display, hopefully they’ll be inspired to head to social media and post their epic photos using your custom hashtag.

Wedding Cake Topper

The last of our wedding hashtag sign ideas would be to put your wedding hashtag on your wedding cake or dessert table. The wedding cake is a symbolic treat to celebrate your big day and it’s also a highly photographed work of art. Having your custom hashtag displayed as a cake topper would certainly do the trick to get your guests talking about it.

custom hashtag cake topper alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Yep, you can use your wedding cake topper as a wedding hashtag sign! This little wooden customize cake topper makes it easy.

How To Encourage Guests To Use Your Wedding Hashtag

Use Hashtag To Announce Engagement

Before your big day arrives, start to introduce your guest list to the idea of a wedding hashtag by revealing your tag on your engagement announcement. This will get people to start thinking about your hashtag and getting them excited to use it themselves.

Display Live Hashtag Feed

At your wedding reception, consider having a live hashtag feed displayed around the venue. This way, guests will be encouraged to post and use your tag more as they wait for their silly, fun, and memorable photos to pop up on the big screen.

wedding hashtag sign ideas alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Use your wedding photobooth props as a way to share your hashtag! You can get them here.

Use As Props In Photo Booth

If you’re planning to have a photo booth or designated photo area at your reception, consider having custom props with your wedding hashtag on them, whether that be signs for your guests to hold or wearable props such as hats, glasses, or plastic necklaces. Now your guests will be reminded of what your hashtag is when they look at their silly photos and thus be more likely to use your tag when they go to post.

Share Through A QR Code

For those who don’t have social media or aren’t comfortable posting, introduce them to a shared drive. By scanning a custom QR code, friends and family can easily upload their photos and memories from the celebration for you and your spouse to view and enjoy.

KBZ GBYZqPxT49AWYeiUR3eTS0JEvEE4xlbYKxilBn8SCfYxa pgycBY2Hm2ZtYdyz48Av5WsfEg1MBd8sKpBqdxoUG42tl9HdGnHVB1kO0Gc6yzaNabcORj alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
We love how this lil sign makes a QR code feel classy!

Show Off That Clever Tag!

Wedding hashtags are meant to be seen and displayed. 

The more your guests know about your wedding hashtag, the more likely they’ll be to use it. With these unique wedding hashtag sign ideas in mind, we hope you’ve discovered just the way to display your own wedding hashtag.

Years from now, you and your spouse will have a collection of lovely memories to look back on and can easily filter through them by using your one-of-a-kind tag. 

So, embrace the hashtag and encourage your guests to use it! It’ll serve as a precious memory down the road. And if you're still trying to figure out what your wedding hashtag is, try one of these quizzes.

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