The hangover hack you need for all wedding events

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You'll want to pack this hangover hack in your bach kit! Wedding Survival Kit by Wayfinder Provisions

Wedding events are inherently celebratory, and celebratory events often go hand in hand with one or two or a few too many beverages. In fact, it's becoming quite common for newlyweds to host a morning-after brunch following their wedding, not just as an event to say goodbyes and safe travels, but as a way to help bring guests back to life after partying hard. As someone who loves open bars as much as I love weddings, I'm all too familiar with feeling sick the next day.

Let's be real, the best way to avoid feeling terrible the morning after is to limit your intake… But sometimes vibes happen and we might overdo it because we're human! So when my doctor shared this hangover hack with me, it changed the game for me completely.

I got to test out my doctor's hangover hack at a bachelorette weekend in New Orleans. For those who aren’t familiar with NOLA, they're a historically and notoriously thirsty city that takes pride in their big drinking culture. Our nights would consist of multiple types of cocktails, which is the opposite of what all those drinking rhymes in college warn you about like “Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear,“ or “Don't mix dark and light.”

All those rules went out the window at this bach party. There were pre-Uber champagne toasts, wine with dinner, strangers buying us a drink, and of course we wanted to divulge in the NOLA classics like sazeracs, hurricanes, and French 75s (because when in NOLA, right?). So yeah, there may have been a lot of mixing, aka the perfect recipe for a splitting headache the morning after. 

I woke up fresh as a daisy every morning.

If I did feel a whisper of a headache, I'd pop a Tylenol and voila. I was ready to take on another day in The Big Easy!

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Ready for the hangover hack you need for all wedding events?

This hangover hack comes in two parts. The second one was def a game-changer for me. Disclaimer that I'm not a doctor and obvi talk to your doctor if you have questions or concerns. This is what worked for my bach party and I!

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I made sure to include these packets in our bach kit. Everyone agreed these bad bois were absolute lifesavers that weekend.

Hydration packets

Here's a good rhyme for you: “No water plus booze, tomorrow you'll lose.” My doctor told me that drinking water is obviously crucial, but what good is staying hydrated if you’re not retaining that hydration? Enter electrolyte packets. Electrolytes help keep you hydrated faster and longer than regular water on it's own. Before a night of partying, I’d fill up a venti-sized Starbucks tumbler full of water, add a hydration packet, and chug it down. Throughout the night I’d make sure to have regular water in between beverages… because I’m what? A responsible lady. Then when I got home, I’d chug another packet before I fell asleep! 

I used Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier, plus they come in different flavors! Partying aside, this is excellent for staying hydrated in day-to-day life.

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Stay alive by adding some super b complex vitamins to your disco-themed hangover kit! Bach Party Favor by GiftsyBox

Super B complex

My doctor recommended these B12 vitamins that you can pick up at your local drugstore. When you drink, you lose vitamin B in your body which is part of why you experience symptoms like nausea and headaches after a night out. Taking B12 before and after a wedding event can help replenish your body with this necessary vitamin, thus reducing the symptoms of feeling gross the next day. It also helps take it easy on your liver when processing the beverages. I take two supplements of b12 complex with my giant tumbler of electrolyte water, then two again before I hit the hay. My doc suggested finding a Super B Complex vitamin with the highest percentage of B12 in them, which you can find on the back of the bottle!

Take this hangover hack with you to the next wedding event!

Remember, moderation is the most surefire way to avoid feeling like trash the next day. But if you plan to party hardy, drink responsibly and pack some hydration packets and super b complex vitamins with you!

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