Cads About Matrimony: The wedding game that doesn’t suck!

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The wedding game that doesn't suck!
The wedding game that doesn't suck!
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Do you guys know about our longtime sponsor Cads About Matrimony? If not, you're about to get your mind holes blown wide open. If you already know about the gaming amazingness that is Cads About Matrimony, you'll be doubly pleased by their news, just scrolly scroll scroll down, while I teach the n00bs how to play…

Looking for the perfect bachelor/ette party game? Icebreaker? After party activity?

Or do you just need to let off some steam during the stress-filled and super-ridiculous wedding planning process? Cads About Matrimony is here to help you with ALL of that. Cads is a wedding-themed party game that was designed as both satire and homage to all our weird and wonderful cultural baggage around love, marriage, and weddings. Besides Offbeat Bride, this game may just be the best thing to come out of wedding planning frustration EVAR.

(It's probably the vibrator)
(It's probably the vibrator)

As you can see by these clever cards, Cads About Matrimony is the wedding-themed version of Cards Against Humanity. Which means, this is an actual wedding game that doesn't suck! (Or waste toilet paper.)

New stuff Cads About Matrimony is unveiling this wedding season…

Hey there old gamers that scrolled and n00bs alike… In addition to the original game, Cads About Matrimony has just released a 110-card first expansion pack, which includes more ridiculous humor to complement the original game.

(you know you want it)
The expansion pack (you know you want it)

They also now have “blanks” deck — a deck of Cads-branded blank cards that you can fill in with your own stuff to make a personalized game, and/or use for wedding props and favors. We heard from one bride who is using them for guest sign-in cards at her wedding. The horrible and hilarious possibilities are awesome and endless!

Your own special brand of awful goes here.
Your own special brand of awful goes here.

Speaking of hearing from brides, here's what some real cads had to say about Cads…

“This was a smash at my girlfriend's bachelorette party! I was in charge of games and I got this one last minute. I'm glad I did because it turned out to be everyone's favorite game.”
-Amazon Reviewer Jessica I

“So much fun! We all laughed until we cried. ”
-Amazon Reviewer Regina

“It was the perfect game for a bachelorette weekend. Dirty and hilariously fun!”
-Amazon Reviewer Jenee

“This game was a huge hit at my friend's Bachelorette party! We all laughed so hard! ‘These cards are amazing' was said more than once!”
-Amazon reviewer Lauren


Clearly this is a wedding game that doesn't suck

If you're looking for an actually fun wedding game, or if you just want to have some actual fun while you're wedding planning, do yourself, your partner(s), and your party guests a favor and go play Cads About Matrimony!

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  1. A friend brought this game to my destination wedding last June. All the girls got together the night before the wedding to play and drink. The funniest moment was when our best man’s daughter turned bright pink when a card came up about the Best Man’s sex life. Her embarrassment was delightful and made us all laugh even harder.

  2. I got really excited about this until I looked at their website, and saw: “What saved your marriage?” “A top-shelf prostitute.” That word is considered a slur by sex workers and should never have been used. It’s also pretty creepy and dehumanizing to talk about certain members of an oppressed group as “top shelf”…
    This could be a great product, but like Cards Against Humanity they need to learn the difference between punching up and punching down.

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