Approximately one bazillionty wedding dress code wording examples (some with dinosaurs!)

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This rad pop-up wedding had glitter, sequins, and huge rainbow mural LOVE
Photo from this rad pop-up wedding with glitter, sequins, and huge rainbow mural LOVE. Photo by Barbara O Photography

So you want to give your guests a little guidance on how to dress for your wedding? You don't want to be bossy, but you also want to make sure they're not uncomfortable? Well, Offbeat Bride is here to help. We asked our readers for wedding dress code wording examples, and they came through. Here are approximately one bazillionty samples of wedding dress code wording — everything from short and sweet, to elaborate and nerdy. We're covering everything from casual outdoor weddings to costume weddings and everything in between.

Wedding dress code wording samples for wedding invitations

Of course one quick way to let folks know about dress code is to include it with your wedding invitations, either in fine print on the back, or on an insert with additional information. The key is to keep it short and sweet. Here are some wedding invitation wording examples:

Outdoor wedding / no heels:

  • Wedding and reception to be held in the grass, so dress for comfort and for class.
  • No stiletto heels unless you want to sink in the grass and fall down. If you really wanna wear stilettos, then bring it on — more entertainment for us!
  • Heels not advised unless you like being stuck in dirt

Casual attire:

  • Our wedding is an outdoor event, and your comfort is important to us. Please dress accordingly.
  • Wear your finest picnic attire and some comfy shoes.
  • Casual dress and bare feet encouraged!

…But not too casual:

  • We gotta dress up…you gotta dress up! (No jeans, please.)
  • What to wear: Shirt and Tie for the Gentlemen, Hats or Fascinators for the Ladies

In keeping with a theme:

  • Our wedding theme is polka dots — so if you have 'em, ‘wear 'em!
  • We would love it if you could join in with our theme: please wear red and/or black


A Hallowedding costume party with a gorgeous purple and black gown
Photo by Life is Beautiful Photography

Wedding dress code wording ideas if you're doing a FAQ on your wedding website

Many couples give additional information about dress code on their wedding website, often using the FAQ section to give a bit more information. Here are some real wording examples from what Offbeat Brides have used that you can remix to fit with your own wedding theme, style, or venue!

  • What should I wear?
    We are not terribly fancy people, and are therefore not having a “formal” affair. That being said, our venue is a nice restaurant, so please don't come naked.
  • What should I wear? Are they doing one of those fancy theme weddings where I have to come in costume?
    The wedding does not have a particular theme, other than “An Eclectic Hodge Podge of Happiness,” and you are welcome to wear whatever you would like. It is being held in a backyard in August, so it is suggested you dress comfortably, and avoid spiky high heels. If you really want to wear a costume, by all means go ahead!
  • Is there a dress code?
    We are calling our dress code ‘wedding flexible'. This means you should come in whatever makes you feel comfortable and fabulous. You may want to wear shoes that are easy to walk in, as the ranch has a mixture of paved floors, gravel and dirt paths…and we expect everyone to dance!
  • Do I need to wear something special?
    Too often, shopping for wedding clothes is a stressful and expensive affair. We don't want a single one of you to have to worry about that! So the dress code is as follows: Wear whatever you feel the most beautiful and comfortable in. Is that a tuxedo? A prom dress? Linen slacks? Excessive amounts of glitter? A plaid shirt and jeans? Drag? There is NO wrong way to dress. Our loved ones are a diverse, creative, gorgeous bunch of people, and we want you to be your diverse, creative, gorgeous selves! And yes – you can absolutely wear white. The bride won't be!
  • Where is the wedding?
    Our venue is a Napoleonic fort. It has uneven floors and an incline from the entrance to the bar, ceremony and reception area. Flat shoes are the best and safest option. Although we are having fires and additional heating, due to being November, you may want a jacket, wrap or sweater to keep warm when you aren't dancing.
  • What to wear?
    The dress code for our wedding will be “Funky Formal”. This means wear something you feel fabulous in! No jeans or sweats but the rest is up to you. The most important thing to us is that you feel comfortable and like yourself! Hate dresses? Don't wear one. Hate ties? Don't wear one of those either. Love tutus, bows, sequins, neon, lace, velour, ruffles, or powder blue tuxes? Be our guest. If you can find a way to wear all those things at once, we will have to award you some kind of prize. (Maybe a really great hug.)
  • What should I wear???
    We would like you to be comfortable. If weather permits, most activities will take place outside so please be aware of the weather conditions and dress appropriately. We suggest that you bring a layer or two in case it gets cool in the evening. We also want you to feel pretty.
  • What should I wear?
    Casual/cocktail wear. What's that? That's like… a cute dress, slacks and a nice button-down shirt or blouse, a skirt and top. Basically not too fancy, but not jeans. Since it's a Hallowedding (Halloween wedding) guests are also welcome to come in costume or bring one with to put on during the party. We would LOVE for people to participate in making this a Hallowedding!
A backyard wedding with dinosaurs, DIY, & a gorgeous gown made by the bride
These dinos are from this A backyard wedding with dinosaurs, DIY, & a gorgeous gown made by the bride

Long-winded hilarious wedding dress code example that references dinosaurs

Ok fine, this is a very specific kind of wording, but maybe it's perfect for your geeky dinosaur-themed wedding


The wedding will happen on a grass field.
High grass is known to attract velociraptors.

Avoiding the velociraptors

Velociraptors have no manners and are known party bullies.

It should be every guest's mission to avoid them at all costs.
For instance it is not beyond them to raid a party, drink all the beer, eat all the food, the guests and puke everywhere. All that without using a single napkin.

No high heels

Velociraptors have very large toeclaws.
It is very likely for them to mistake high heels for a competitor toeclaw.

No ties

Velociraptors, or Nature's Bolsheviks as they are also known, have an intrinsic hate against the capitalist oppressors. Wearing a tie might mark you as one of the enemy of the proletariat.

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  1. These are great wording recommendations! When creating my own FAQ I wanted to include a dress code, but struggled with how to not come off too pushy. I especially like how you framed the dress code for “Outdoor wedding / no heels”. My fiance and I wanted to include humor throughout our website and this is the perfect touch!

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