How to ensure no one shows up to your halloween wedding wearing a kitty bikini

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Jen is having a Halloween wedding with costumes encouraged for guests. But, since there will be kids at this wedding, she wanted a way to, both, encourage costumes and discourage anything too revealing or too scary. So her fiance, George, came up with a super clever and awfully cute way to ask guests to keep it kid-friendly…

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The bikini-kitty just kills me.

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  1. I usually try to keep my comments intelligent, but all I can say to this is: OMGROFL!!!!!1

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. Kitty bikini FTW.

  2. I know what my kittys are wearing this Halloween! Bikini kitty awesomeness! w00t! lmao (They have their claws, so I don’t dare!!)

    • Can you imagine trying to stuff a cat into a wet suit?! LOL

      My favorite part about the SCUBA kitty is that the wet suit extends all the way down the tail!

  3. Hey, that’s my friend Jen! We printed these at my work, and they had us all laughing. I especially love SCUBA kitty. 🙂

  4. Speaking from experience, having just lived through my own costumed Hallowedding with a good number of very young kids, people will always have their own level of what they consider appropriate, and it’ll shock you, no matter how clearly you state your preferences!

    We had:

    A fully masked, glowing red-eyed, “forest spirit” that frightened the crap out of the small ones.

    Tobias Funke, with too-short cut-off jean shorts, and blue face paint. Okay, to be honest, this was probably the favorite costume of the night, but, you know. On the edge.

    And, probably the biggest head-turner: My friends brought their daughter dressed as Cinderella, and they themselves dressed as the wicked stepsisters (yes, the dude too), complete with blond curly wigs & balloon-stuffed boobies. The guy made sure to leave his fluffy black beard for effect. Again, they got the biggest laugh of the night, walking in a little bit late, right before the ceremony started. But I was totally not expecting that level of cross-dressing, for some reason. 🙂

    Anyway, it’s not like it really mattered in the end, but, if you don’t want glowing scary masks or balloon boobies, you might have to be more specific.

  5. I going with the kids being able to dress up for mine. Guests can wear ears and witches hats. I don’t trust people to read much of anything these days.

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