Craft your own rainbow candy balls for colorful decor

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One way to inject some color and some whimsy into your decor is to incorporate candy. Kara and John took that concept to a whole nutha level at their Skittles-themed wedding. One element I totally dug was their Skittles-covered balls that they used as aisle and centerpiece decor. Making these requires lots of colorful, round candies, some good glue, and foam balls.

Check out the balls in context as centerpieces and aisle decor:



Want to see more of this candy-loving wedding? Head over and check it out.

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Comments on Craft your own rainbow candy balls for colorful decor

  1. This looks amazing, but having small children at my wedding makes me want to find an edible version. Maybe rice cake balls with piped icing holding on the candies?

    • Edible would be awesome, and they could double as favors. You could even do candy apples if you’re only using them for centerpiece or table decor.

  2. I never fully appreciated Skittles until the show Parenthood and Max’s obsession with them (especially when his classmates rained Skittles down on him), but this just takes it to a whole new level indeed!

  3. THESE ARE PERFECT. My reception is in a super-colorful art gallery, and I was wondering what to do for inexpensive centerpieces. Hooray! Ideas!

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