Want to stand out in a dark wedding dress? Have your crew wear light colors!

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 | Photography by Convincing Image
Want to stand out in a dark wedding dress? Have your crew in white!
Photos by Convincing Image

If you'll be rocking a dark wedding dress (especially if you're a Halloween bride!), you might be worried about standing out in the crowd. My suggestion? Follow Stephanie's lead and ask your wedding party to dress in a white or a lighter color. I am so digging the black-meets-champagne aesthetic going on here…

Want to stand out in a dark wedding dress? Have your crew in white!

The whole wedding had this vibe, too. Check out all the amazing pops of black color among all the cream and champagne decor:

Want to stand out in a dark wedding dress? Have your crew in white!

Your bridesmaids could rock white, floral print, lots of different colors, rock Disney outfits… anything but the color of your dress, in this case.

Did you miss the dark wedding dress the first time around? Make up for lost time…

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  1. Ooooh, Stephanie, I do SO dig your dress! It looks really amazing! I mean, the whole wedding you had was quite close to what we want for ours, down to the long-haired groom. πŸ˜‰ But the dress! The dress!

    I am a little(?) goth-y too and have been wearing only black for over 10 years now (the only exception, of course, being my lab coat at uni), and me in a dress in any other color is just… no. My wedding dress has to be black. Even if I wanted to wear any other color (which I don’t), I bet half of my wedding day would be comments on how unusual it is to see me in anything non-black – on the other hand, if I do wear black, I will get comments on that, too. Anyway, black it is.

    Sadly, up until now, any dress I found that was marketed as “black” has been either black-and-white (like black lace details on a white dress or half-black-half-white), or a thin layer of black chiffon over whatever color, or just black-and-whatever-color, mostly dark red or violet. Some of them even look like Halloween witch costumes made from the cheapest fabric while costing 2,000 Euro. And don’t even get me started on finding something that unusual in Plus Size. I am thinking about sewing my own wedding dress, but I don’t really have the time.

    So, I love this dress – it is just all black, all lace and it even has sleeves! Yay! Can you tell me where you got it? Maybe there I can find something similar for me.

    Oh, and by the way: I will SO MUCH get my Trauzeugin (the approximate German equivalent to a maid of honor) to wear white! Not just to stand out – I don’t think anyone will confuse me for anything but the bride in a dress like I imagine – but because she looks amazing in white and wears it quite often and I love it on her. To hell with these color traditions. Thank you for setting an example, Stephanie! πŸ˜‰

    • I’m also going to be wearing black on my wedding day but rather than try to find a “wedding” dress or formal dress that will work (like you said everything seems to be black bits on a white dress or lace etc) I’m compiling my own dress from a black tulle skirt and a black bodice top – which I’m then going to decorate myself to make it a bit more fancy (I’m adding feathers! Bear with me – it sounds weird but it’s gonna look amazing, hopefully). Black dresses are my favourite πŸ™‚

      • That combination also sounds like a neat idea! πŸ™‚ I can totally imagine tulle plus feathers! For mine, I will probably try to get (or make) a real “weddingy” dress. You know, poofy skirt, corset-y bodice, lace, beads and everything. In daily life, I dress quite simply (more or less just black jeans and a black sweater), because I rarely have the time and energy to “dress up” a little. And also, I know that my fiancΓ© would love a really poofy dress (but black).

        I already have sketched several designs that I really like, I just cannot bring myself to fully commit to sewing the dress myself. πŸ™ So far, I have sewn three formal gowns for both my sisters’ graduations/balls, and I think I could manage a wedding dress, but I am just afraid that it will put unneccessary additional stress on our wedding planning.

        Maybe it would be time for a self-help article for DIY-infected brides: How do I *stop* myself from DIYing my whole wedding? Because I have so many ideas and visions, and I do like to think that I could bring them to life and love it, but… I just don’t have the time, money and energy (and my family and friends are either far away and/or heavily stressed from university, so they don’t have the time either). At the same time, I know that if I just buy the stuff, I will never be completely (or probably even remotely) happy with it.

        To be honest, I think the real problem is that I am on the fence about the wedding – absolutely not the marriage, just, you know, the party and stuff around it. Obviously, the most important part is that I get to walk away married to the man I love. And I dread the stress of planning the wedding/reception itself. But eloping ist kinda out of the question for us (family is important), so I am thinking, if I have to do this, I just might as well make it a fun project! And express my creativity! And I love (and am good at) planning, projects, DIYing, sewing, drawing, painting, baking, even woodworking… so it’s kinda perfect and I would like to make everything from the stationery and my dress and the decorations and the cake to the friggin’ tables (how cool would it be to have them leaf-shaped?). Except that I can’t.
        So, I am (and we both sometimes are) still kind of torn between just having the ceremony and a BBQ at my dad’s house afterwards, just wearing a jeans and sweater and have it over with… or, you know, have ALL OF IT. And love it.

        Either way, I will just have to resign to reality and make a compromise out of of bought stuff that I also at least kind of like *sigh*. At least I will absolutely love the groom. πŸ˜‰

        Soo… I still would like to know where that amazing dress is from. πŸ˜€

  2. Wedding dresses are expected to be very light colored. Wearing back at your wedding can be a big decision, but here I can see that wearing black can make you look amazingly beautiful as a bride. I liked the combination of golden and black. Thanks!

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