Photo from Ashley and Matt's wedding by Cassandra Lane Photography
Photo from Ashley and Matt's wedding by Cassandra Lane Photography

Wedding flowers don't only go in vases. Splash 'em all over your wedding party! Yes, my friends, it is time that we discussed the awesomeness that is flowery bridesmaid dress. I've got 19 examples here of floral print bridesmaid dresses! Or, you know, for yourself. We're not huge into rules when it comes to dresses.

1. Floral prints go so great with navy!

Photo from Katie & Gordon's bird-themed barn wedding by Lace Monitor Photography

2. Keep it sweet and sassy with dresses from Miss Brache.

You can order mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses from Miss Brache! It's such an awesome idea that Miss Brache made them for her own wedding. Photo by Amber Sycz Photography.

3. Mix your prints, people.

In the car
Photo from Psychedelically colorful retro wedding reception from Julie Tew

4. How about flowers… with a punk edge?

Bombshell Bridal Advertorial Photo #2
Photo from Bombshell Bridal


6. Retro styling and jewel tones, YES.

lindy bop on offbeat bride
Ophelia Dress from Lindy Bop

7. Black-and-white florals look so great next to white.

And it will be hilarious.
Photo from Dina & Desiree's intercontinental destination queer wedding by Barbara A. Gibson

8. Wait! More navy!

Kathy & Jon (249 of 475)
Photo from Kathy & Jon's orchard wedding by How Photography

9. Floral lining for your dress though.

pros 080311 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo from Killer shoe fashion and some puppy love by Julie Williams Photography



14. More with the mixed and matched floral prints on bridesmaids!

Photo from Bailie & Curtis' tattooed vegans meet grandma's attic wedding by Kelsey White
Photo from Bailie & Curtis' tattooed vegans meet grandma's attic wedding by One Oak Photography

15. Floor-length, white, strapless, and then FLOWER EXPLOSION.

DSC_0166 copy
Photo from Hana & Tim's family farm fun wedding by Erica Marie Photography

17. Who says bridesmaids' floral prints need to be matchy-matchy?

Smith Fitzpatrick Wed Party by JRP116
Photo from Katrina & Joshua fall florals in a vineyard wedding by Jennifer Rice Photography

18. Wait, one more retro classic, this time with sleeves!

floral print sleeved dress on offbeat bride
Vivi Dress from Lindy Bop

19. Try a classic silhouette with gorgeously huge floral print.

Photo from Danni & Zach's intimate backyard burlap-covered wedding by Shelli Quintos

Want more variety? You might like to rummage through our multi-colored dresses archive! So what's your fave: white, solid, patterned, huge flowers, tiny prints… tell us what you're looking for!


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  1. I love the idea of a patterned dress. I’m aiming for eShakti for my own, but there’s a ton of websites where you can get something cheaper than most traditional bridesmaid dresses while being cuter, more re-wearable, and way more fun. For me, something that could be reworn as a summer dress or a work dress is a must… also something that the brides can be comfortable dancing in. Though I tend to lean less floral print patterns and more animal or simple flower embroideries.

  2. I have the ophila dress from Lindy bop, it is comfortable, shows off the ta tas amazingly and IT HAS POCKETS!!!!! However if you are falling in love with the teal one pictured it isnt quite the color pictured and not as nice in person. I ordered it at a local shop Rosie the Rebel in NL and was a little disappointed in the color ended up buying the sky blue version.

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