Danae here was not at all interested in wearing white, so she donned a bright pink dress and let her bridesmaids look fabulous in white instead! Photo by Lillian & Leonard

An Offbeat Bride reader emailed us about her idea to wear a colored wedding dress while her bridesmaids don white ones which, obviously, we LOVE! She also expressed her exasperation when it came to finding photos of other brides who have pulled off this fabulous dress color switcharoo. So, I thought I'd round up a few of our favorite examples from offbeat weddings past that just might have you re-thinking your wedding dress colors.

The bride and her TreckiesHere's another fan-freaking-tastic example of the switcharoo from Christina & Aaron's green sake/bug/dino-infused Wedding. I love that the bridesmaid dresses also have this cool sci-fi look going on.

Photo by Love Me Do Photography

But what about BOTH the bride and the bridesmaids in white!? How amazing does this look from Heather and Chris' old-timey wedding?

Wallace Wedding 005Michelle‘s favourite touch for their wedding was reversing the colours of the bridal party dresses. She wore an amazing 1950s-style floor length red gown, and her bridesladies and bridesman wore white.

UntitledCarla rocked a gold dress and I love that her bridesmaids wore complimentary shawls over their pretty white dresses.

ivorybridesmaiddressesHow much do you adore the mis-matching + short dress combo?

UntitledSpeaking of mis-matched short dresses… Kimmy wore a colorful prom dress for her wedding, and her maid and matron of honor rocked short white dresses.

Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Here's another great example of EVERYONE in white. Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Walking down the aisle
Photography by Chelsea Kyle and Conor Sumner

Now, Becca and Tara‘s entire wedding party dressed in all white — even when one wore pants.

IMG 1921 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo by me.

The ladies on either side of this gender-blind wedding party wore mis-matched dresses all in white.

Party Time - Amelia & her bridesmaids
Photo by Yaggi Photography

If this photo of Amelia and her bridesmaids didn't just sell you on the idea of having your team wear white, then I don't know what else will.

Here's to white bridesmaid dresses!

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  1. I’m also having my bridesmaids in white, since I will be wearing blue. I love the switch, plus it fits with the Victorian theme since bridesmaids traditionally wore white. Thanks for sharing this!

    • I am doing the same thing! I am getting a blue Victorian dress made and my bridesmaids are wearing mismatched white lacy dresses! RAWK!

  2. My dress is a homemade beauty. It has a light blue slip with a champagne lace overlay. It was amazing to me how incredibly difficult it was to try and find a LIGHT blue dress! All my maids are wearing whatever white dress they look good in and we are tying it all together by wearing cowboy boots and matching clutches. Woo Wedding!!

  3. I am doing something similar. I am wearing green with purple flowers and having my bridal party wear white with purple floral patterns.

  4. This post just blew my mind. The switch looks so awesome and really effective.

  5. I was tempted to do this at one time. Mainly to counteract the “OMG how will anyone know you’re the bride if you’re not in white?” comments.

    Except it turned out none of my wedding party liked how they looked in white either.

    • Ha ha! I hate that. I feel like if you don’t know which one the bride is, then what the fudge are you doing at the wedding?!

  6. I love the switch! I wore white, my bridesmaids wore blue, but my junior bridesmaid (my 13 yr old niece) wore white too.

  7. I DID the switch! I had a huge blue dress and they had short white ones. Too bad my photographer is slow and a month later i haven’t seen pictures. I’l put them in the flickr pool when i get them.

    let me just say, NO ONE didn’t know who the bride was. And NO ONE even batted an eyelash that i wasn’t in white. LOVE MY OFFBEAT LIFE!!

  8. I have something similar in mind. I want my wedding dress to be green, and the bridesmaids dresses to be white with green.

  9. So I was thinking of a deep teal and antique gold dress with bridesmaids in browns, coppers, silvers, etc… Any thoughts?

  10. Well even more than the dresses, I’m loving that pink van with the couch in it! That’s what I want!

  11. I want to cry seeing these, I had the idea and have been looking for pics forever! I never wanted to be a spot of white, I am nothing if I am not bright, colorful, and happy. Plus I have crazy pale skin lol! I’m not sure exactly what color I will be in, but it will be bright, my bridesmaids will be white, and I will rock my tiny town 🙂 Hell yeah!

  12. I want to cry seeing these, I had the idea and have been looking for pics forever! I never wanted to be a spot of white, I am nothing if I am not bright, colorful, and happy. Plus I have crazy pale skin lol! I’m not sure exactly what color I will be in, but it will be bright, my bridesmaids will be white, and I will rock my tiny town 🙂 Hell yeah!

  13. Oh now I see why my daughter wants me to wear white short dress while she wears all black dress with black veil for her wedding, they look better than I thought!! nice group of pictures!!

  14. I am in love with this idea! I am going to be wearing a big poofy green dress (with black accents) and I was struggling with what to have my bridesmaid wear. It just felt like too much color when I thought about putting them in purple. I think I’m going to do this. 😀

  15. This is exactly what I want to do!!! I’m going to have a very rich purple dress while the rest of the bridal party will be wearing white!!!

  16. I did this! The bridesmaids weren’t in all white though (I was too worried they might be mad at me for taking away their special moment of walking down the aisle in white lol) so they’re dresses had some black but mostly white. And I was in black and purple of course

  17. Beautiful!

    I thought about having my peeps in white, but I think I’d rather do two-tone, with white/ivory tops and black bottoms on both my attendants and his. I’m wearing purple, and he’ll be in green, so mine will have purple accents (I’m thinking belts?) while his will have green ties and possibly no suit jacket.

    The nice thing about this plan is that chances are the attendants all have black bottoms and white tops, so it’s affordable for them 🙂

    The not as nice thing about this plan is that it’s been really hard to track down examples of two-tone bridesmaids’ outfits 🙁

  18. The one that persuaded my family I’m not completely mad was Kate and Pippa – the duchess of Cambridge and her maid of honor sister. I don’t want the world to revolve around me and I want my sisters to look their best.
    I did use offbeatbride to prove mismatch bridesmaids were awesome though!

  19. my wedding dress is purple color , and i have choose the white color for my bridesmaid ! They looked perfect !

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