Sarah & Dale’s sweet ceremony meets dark, dramatic reception wedding

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Photos by Beth Hamilton Photography
Photos by Beth Hamilton Photography

The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, registered nurse

Her offbeat partner: Dale, government contractor

Date and location of wedding: The Historic Obici House, Suffolk, VA — September 6, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We both have many hobbies and aspects to our personalities. We wanted to portray both sides of us and our relationship. We wanted the reception to be dramatic and luxurious, with rich colors and fabrics. We DIYed a lot of the elements, too. My uncle designed the flowers and bouquets and allowed us to help him put all of the flowers together. Many of our friends and family came together to help with out wedding.






Tell us about the ceremony:
We wanted a simple outdoor wedding and for it to be performed by a church leader. We just wanted a simple Christian wedding, and that was what we had. It was super hot that day, but beautiful on the water. We didn't want anything to take away from the union that was taking place.





Our biggest challenge:
The biggest challenge was an entire family of perfectionists. In a family of creative and capable people (yes I am a little biased, because I love them so much), there is no shortage of ideas. With so many ideas it can become overwhelming. My poor groom calmed things down and talked me through things logically. The best thought is that when you get upset or overwhelmed, just step back and think about it. Freaking out doesn't get anything done, it just wastes valuable time.







My favorite moment:
Walking down the aisle was just amazing. I had waited so long to have my perfect moment, and it was better than I thought it could be. I didn't think I would get choked up or anything, but walking toward Dale was a moment like none I had ever known.


That picture embodied what marriage is, over 50 years later, and parted by death

Another was a moment no one planned on. Dale's grandfather came down from Ohio unexpectedly and during the reception and asked the photographer to take a shot of him looking up at the picture of his wife on the memorial wall. She had passed less than a year ago. It was such an emotional moment for everyone who saw it. It was a special moment for Dale, one of uncontrolled emotion. That picture embodied what marriage is, over 50 years later, and parted by death, he was still overcome with emotion just with a picture of his beloved.




My funniest moment:
The funniest moment had to be the cake cutting. It was an interesting debate beforehand: should we act nicely or have fun? It ended with me trying to trick him, running away and falling, very gracefully, to the floor in my wedding dress. It was fun and everyone got a good giggle out of it. And I still got cake in my face.






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  1. Those pics of the Groom’s Grandpa just straight up made me cry at work. What a touching moment to have captured.

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