Vintage snack: A visually impaired bride’s best friend

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Photo courtesy of Guiding Eyes for the Blind

This photo of a young couple and the bride's gorgeous German Shepard guide dog was taken in the 1960s. The dog came from Guiding Eyes for the Blind, who has been providing trained service dogs to the visually impaired for nearly 60 years. Side note: those bell sleeves on the bride are fantastic.

We were alerted to this fab shot by one of our readers and contributors, Tribesmaid Snarkbat, who wrote about her experiences as an awesome cane-wielding blind bride. Check out her “Steamcane!”

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    Can we also please talk about how fabulous that lady in the animal print coat is?

  2. Are there flowers on the dog’s harness? There are flowers! Purely adorable!

  3. One of my uncles sent me this right after the wedding. I’d been looking for blind brides to ogle for months – this picture made me SO happy!

  4. My father is blind but didn’t have his dog at his wedding. I really wish he would have. Think of the adorable pictures.
    I have a few pics of his dogs in bow ties at various events, and they are adorable.
    I am planning some great pics of his current dog, Skipper, at my wedding. Skipper is a black lab, so I’m thinking about a red bow tie.

  5. I love everything about this picture!
    I also read the contributors original article about being a visually impaired bride. So amazing!

  6. I had to pin this. Everything about this picture makes my heart swell. Love it!

  7. whoa- this is almost my dress before we re-worked her! high neck, long sleeves, lace on top and bottom- fun! (my dress was from ’69)

    adorable picture- everyone including pup looks amazing!

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