Check out this red-haired bride’s perfect pink mermaid gown

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 | Photography by Robyn Von Swank
The all-vegan, pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians

The Offbeat Bride: Jackie, Comedian

I curated my wedding's aesthetic choices based on my own kooky vintage pink glam vision I dreamt up. My first thought was of the movie Steel Magnolias: “My colors are blush and bashful.” “Her colors are pank and pank.”

The all-vegan, pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians
The all-vegan, pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians
The all-vegan, pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians

I am a southern belle with a pink obsession — please see my cell phone case, all my clothes, and my dog's tail; so I knew I wanted a pink wedding. I wanted to look just like Ariel The Little Mermaid after she became a human. With seven hair extensions and a good coat of paint, my vision came to life!

The all-vegan, all-pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians

Tell us about your reception:

I had two semi-big deal breakers that made selecting a venue in Los Angeles more difficult. I had to be able to have an all-vegan menu, and our dog had to be able to attend. This was, after all, her big day, too.

The all-vegan, all-pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians
The all-vegan, all-pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians

Once I found The 1909 (which I randomly found through Instagram hashtags one night), I knew it was the perfect place. It was romantic and outdoors which were huge checks off my list.

The all-vegan, all-pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians

They also allowed us to bring in a caterer of our choice, and Eco Caters was a no-brainer. My pals the Spork Foods sisters created a delicious and special all vegan menu that isn't just tofu with veggies, but hearty, fun, and flavorful dishes that my entire carnivorous Texan family enjoyed. I had portobello cordon bleu and Thai peanut noodles with grilled jackfruit.

The all-vegan, all-pink, all-hilarity wedding of comedians

What was your most important lesson learned?

The advice I have for other couples is, DO YOU, HONEY. If you have an idea that might seem offbeat, go for it. Have faith in yourself that with some elbow grease and a vision, you can make it happen.


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    I mean, Ariel! Yay! And the groomsgal looks just like the Orange is the New Black officer (just googled: Lauren Lapkus). Could it be her? You’re all in LA and creatives/comedians/actors. Plus your bridesmaid photo looks straight outta the film, BRIDESMAIDS.

    Everything about this? #ADORE.

    • It is her! I had to look on her instagram because it would bother me lol.

  2. That dress is just DREAMY, HONEY! Everything looks so beautiful and thoughtful right down to doggie tail! LOVE!

  3. I want to perform metaphorical irrumatio on this entire wedding. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    • Hey honey, all the bridesmaids got their dresses off of Be warned it is a chinese website with mixed reviews, but we were all very impressed with the quality of the dresses! The sequin one turned out SO lovely especially in pics! If you order from this site, there are no returns so read the sizing chart carefully. The dresses run SMALL!

      • Thanks so much Jackie! The Simpsons touches are to die for btw. What a lovely joyous looking day. Congratulations!!

      • Yeah, they used to be a sponsor of Offbeat Bride, but we got so many reader complaints that we declined to renew their sponsorship… I think as long as folks go into it with fair expectations, it’s fine.

        • I believe that is how I found the site! I didn’t realize it was an overseas company when I initially checked it out. But it is what it is, and the dresses didn’t break the bank and looked great so it worked out!

  4. Wow, the fabulousity is real!

    I do have to put my two cents in though, I know it was totally their choice not to ask guests to not take photos, but that photo with three guest looking through their cell phones instead of being present in the moment bums me out 🙁

    But to end of a more up beat note, everything is gerrrrr-jas and LOVE your pupper’s rose cover leash!

    • My two cents is that this comment bums me out. The way I see it, the bride looks breathtaking and the day meant so much to both the couple and the guests that have supported them over the last six years. Of course everyone wanted to capture their POV for both their own memories and to share with the couple later. It seems your assumption is that everyone was Snapchatting and tossing up Insta pics for the glory of saying they were there, which, as you pointed out, would have been stipulated as a no-no if that was their desire. If people were watching YouTube videos or checking the game score, I’d be with you, but photos and video capture things your eyes and brain cannot. And they last forever, which your eyes or brain may not. It’s 2016, check your projection.

    • I hear ya on that! I decided not to regulate folks on the photo/video taking but thought about it. At the end of the day, I knew the photos would have a lot of phones being held up in them, but think it’s an accurate way to capture what life was like when we got married. Our kids will look back at these pics and be like “what are those giant weird things yall are all holding up? Our phones are built into our retinas. You mean they weren’t always like that?!” Plus I loved seeing all the photos my guests captured- they got some unique angles and perspectives on the day that I treasure!

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