first ever shaking of the wedding cocktailAdrianna and Christian got married recently, and I was scrolling through the pictures. First I noticed the groom's cake (er, cupcakes?), but then I was really struck by their new tradition: the wedding cocktail. As described in the caption:

Like a unity candle… only awesomer.

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  1. That is sooooo freaking cool. I’m wondering if I should mention this to Tom or not. I know the second I tell him about it, he’ll be like “We are SOOOO doing that!”

  2. yep, I told Tom and he’s like “We are SOOOO doing that!” I knew it! Ha ha.

  3. ha ha, wow. my pics of c&a got wedding-porn-plugged! gracias!

    the groom’s mario cake? cake (maybe brownie? it’s been a while) pieces cut into “pixels” with corresponding frosting.

    the unity cocktail? a manhattan, i think! it was a tribute to adri’s grandfather, who definitely yelled “MORE VERMOUTH!” from the audience.

    the awesome touches from their badass wedding is definitely assisting chris and myself in planning our hopefully-badass wedding. hell, they took off in a getaway scooter! a scooter, i tell you! scooter!!!

  4. FH and I came up with something like this when we were trying to figure out what our symbolic thing in our ceremony would be. I had actually forgotten all about it until I read this. (Thanks for the reminder!!!)

    We wanted to put two things together that were both good on their own, and make them into something different and good, which can’t be separated – at least not easily. (A Brandy Alexander might be a good one.) Alternatively, you could take two things that are only OK on their own and become something better. A Manhattan is more like that (vermouth on its own… not so good!). So it depends what symbolism you’re going for.

    First I suggested some sort of chemical reaction (mix two liquids and get a solid?), but FH vetoed it as too geeky. It might work for a chemist couple, though!

    Then we thought about mixing a margarita or something, but never got too much further.

    If we do it, we would have the bride pour in one ingredient and the groom pour in another, and then shake it together. Or maybe there would be some ingredients we do alone and some we pour in together. (I kind of like that). Then we would shake/mix it together, while the officiant says something about the symbolism. Then pour it into a glass and each take a sip.

  5. I was thinking about this and put together a sample of how we might do it. It needs a little more work and I haven’t run it by FH yet, but here goes:

    The theme of this ceremony is that these two strong and successful individuals,
    have decided that they are better off together than on their own
    and as family and friends, our support of their relationship will complete their marriage.

    A and S will now mix a cocktail to symbolize the merging of their lives.

    S’s part in this relationship will be represented by Brandy, a strong drink made from distilled grapes and aged to perfection.
    S – please pour the brandy into the shaker.

    A’s part in this relationship will be represented by Creme de Cacao, a sweet and fun, but surprisingly powerful chocolate liqueur.
    A – please pour the creme de cacao into the shaker

    Our part in the relationship – the richness that friends and family add to their relationship – will be represented by cream.
    I will represent all of us by pouring the cream into the shaker.

    A and S, please shake the cocktail and strain it into the martini glass.
    A&S both hold the shaker and shake it. Then S removes the top and together they strain it into a martini glass and hold it up in front of them.

    By mixing strong brandy, sweet chocolate liqueur, and rich cream together, A and S have created a strong and delicious drink – the Brandy Alexander, a drink supposedly created at a royal wedding in 1922. This drink can never be separated into its original ingredients, just as A and S can never go back to who they were before they made this commitment to marry each other before all of us.

    A and S – please take a sip of the beverage you have created, and tell us how it tastes.
    A & S say something about it (“wonderful/delicious/…”)

  6. OMG!!! I asked my Maid of Honor to create a cocktail for our reception … and now I think I need to have her pour it at the ceremony!


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