Handspun yarn from a wedding dress

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This Etsy seller took the “trash the dress” concept to a whole new, awesomely crafty level. From the Etsy listing:

Handspun Art Yarn from my wedding dress — UpcycleBB Contest Entry — take something no longer useful and upcycle it to a higher purpose…One (1) 16 yr. old size 8 country tulle style wedding dress. Cut into long thin strips and scraps using sewing shears. Handspun into singles on a foot operated spinning wheel. Plyed on a drop spindle. No other material used. Transformed into 181 yards of useable art yarn.

(Thanks for the heads up, Marie!)

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  1. I am having a really hard time not tearing up my nice clothes and spinning them into something fun. Glad you liked it! xo

  2. 181 yards? I need 300 lto weave a shawl or a lap throw. Maybe they should have used the grooms shirt and the veil in the process too. I think this is so cool. I turned my wedding gown into weaving yarn and wove it into a tapestry. I dyed the underskirt crimson red and left the dress and lace white and maybe to seperate yarns. That way I could interweave a pattern of the interior and exterior of the marriage. Make seen what is usually unseen. It pleases me that other textile artist are having similar ideas with their wedding dresses.


  3. I am about to do the same with my own wedding gown. I am nervous but ecstatic to turn my beautiful gown into a wonderful shawl for my 5 year wedding anniversary in May 2011.

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