From kilts to socially-conscious suits: tuxedo alternatives for offbeat grooms

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Here at Offbeat Bride we show you a lot of, well, brides and there's good reason for that. But, since many of you fabulously offbeat brides have equally fabulous grooms, I thought it was high time we do some ogling of the stylin' offbeat grooms.

I'm a sucker for guys with the balls (ha! pun intended!) to wear a kilt! Plus there's the big silver buttons, the cut of the jacket, the knee high socks and chucks. It's straight-up awesome.

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You may recognize this groom from the Monday Montage vampire/red riding hood photo. Here's a closer look at his awesome, hipsteriffic black and red outfit. I dig the subtle pinstripe in the shirt, the army surplus-ness of the black vest, and the red rose. I freakin' totally heart his awesome, glitter anatomical heart belt buckle. (I punned again!) Check out the entire outfit here.

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How much do you love the mustard and brown combo? Also, most of this outfit is vintage and his vest was handmade for him in Atlanta by people paid a living wage. Stylish and socially-conscious — swooon!

We'll get to the bride's crocheted dress (and the full wedding) another day, but for now check out the groom and his shoes! I love that they're both wearing awesome green shoes and I particularly love his green and ivory oxfords. I love the green, linen-y shirt and the suspenders. I love the newsboy cap. Love, love, love!

The gray, the pinstripes, the lavender shirt, the pocket square, the rust red shoes … it's just so dapper and fabulous!

Father of the bride speech
I don't even know if I can express in words how in love I am with this blue and white pin stripe suit. Let's just say that it is one of the most fantastic, amazing suits I've ever seen.

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How much do you love this white pinstripe suit with the black piping, black shirt, and white tie? It's so coordinated and so fabulous. Don't miss his matching white pinstripe hat and vest!

Posed shot
I just adore the juxtaposition of the bride's totally epic red dress with the groom's casual, beachy outfit. I suspect their outfits are a perfect representation of who they are and why they complement each other so well.


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Comments on From kilts to socially-conscious suits: tuxedo alternatives for offbeat grooms

  1. Ha! That’s my hubby in the white pin striped suit (second to last photo). My friend just sent me a message saying our photo was posted up here. Cool!! 🙂

  2. LOVE the last pic of the diva-esque red-dress bride with her uber-casual groom. That’s my style – and my big strong man’s – to a T! He’s all about the casual, I’m all about the spotlight. I didn’t think there were any dudes out there who would get married in jeans or shorts, which is what my dude is planning. If you see any grooms in shorts, can you post ’em?

  3. If you’re scottish or of scottish descent, you can also go for the traditional kilt. Its a single piece of cloth that goes round your waist and over your shoulder. I’m fairly sure liam neeson wears one in the rob roy If you’ve never seen one. If you’re not scottish I suppose you can wear one as well, but you probably have your own culture to raid garb from.

    Edit: Found a link!

  4. THANK YOU for posting this! My FH is in a quandry over what to wear & I’ve had a hard time showing him ideas in one place.

    His current favs for the big day – zoot suit or some formal western jacket/jean combo that more closely resembles his daily outfit of Indiana Jones hat, t-shirt & shorts.

    Thanks again!

  5. This is a great post! We are currently having the hardest time figuring out what h2b should wear for the big day, we are having a backyard BBQ wedding this Aug. and want something casual but unique, anyone got any ideas!? Its been our number one stresser so far in the planning! LOL

  6. I would love to see a post that features some femme-y grooms. The goth/punk boys with their makeup is totally awesome, but is there anything out there with a more girlie groom? I’m thinking like Eddie Izzard here – I see different kinds of genderqueerness repp’d often here (which is AWESOME) but I would love to see some fancy boys.

  7. I’m going to have a kilt-wearing groom.

    I’m trying to convince him to go for a 21st Century Kilt, particularly as I’m planning to have a dress made by another “Dressed to Kilt” designer. He even does kilts in silks, leather and denim, as well as tartan, for men and women.

  8. I LOVE the mustard brown, how chic and untraditional! Just goes to show that the bride isn’t the only one who can look fab on the big day!

  9. Okay, so this has got me thinking, where do you go to find tuxes/suits like some of these? They’re certainly not in the Men’s Warehouse catalog.

    • Jessica, where do you live? My husband is the grey suit above and we too had a hard time getting started with finding a suit. We tried thrift stores where we had minimal luck, we had a lot of luck with vintage and consignment shops. Out here in LA there is even a guy at ‘Jake Vintage’ who will shop for a vintage suit for you (and even all of your groomsmen).

    • Jessica: this is a great idea! I will try to include that info in future posts. – Becca

  10. YAY! I loved the fact that Russel wore a kilt! They did wear it traditionally too and almost had to take a pic of them mooning me but the bride saved me from that 🙂 PHEW!It was a super awesome Halloween wedding and the bride is actually my sister in law and I helped her with a ton of stuff. But the kilt with Chucks was all Russel’s idea and I think he pulled it off!

  11. It’s awesome to see all the options that guys have besides tuxes to wear on the wedding day! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with rocking the tux if that’s what someone’s into. My fiancé is a groomsman in our friends’ wedding later this year, and the men in the wedding party are all wearing Barong Tagalogs–the traditional formal garment of the Philippines (think flowy, lightweight tunic). It will show respect to the bride and groom’s cultural heritage, look awesome, and be nice and cool to wear in the hot July weather!

  12. I am so sick of the guys just wearing a dark suit, especially to outdoor weddings. Love the idea of trying something stylish and different. Like it when brides where something other than a white dress, too.

  13. Thanks for this- Mr. Likeanapple told me he wouldn’t show up to the wedding if I insisted he wear a tux (not that I would ever insist on that) so we’ve been looking for a good compromise. Loving the newsboy cap and all the vests! Going to present this as a cheat sheet for my FH.

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