Two rings to rule them all: Our short Tolkien-inspired ceremony script

Guest post by Rin
Two rings to rule them all: Our short Tolkien-inspired ceremony script
Lord of the Rings ceremony sign

This is our short and sweet Tolkien-inspired ceremony script that even included a Pokémon reference. It's non-denominational and gender-neutral, which gives it a lot of flexibility. We included an introduction, a portion for honoring our departed friends and family, vows, placeholders for readings, a ring exchange, and our declaration of marriage. We borrowed some language from other scripts we found on Offbeat Bride, but a lot is of our own creation.


Officiant: Before we start, I am to remind you that the couple has requested this be an unplugged ceremony. Please silence and put away all electronics, photos, social media, and Pokémon — they'll be welcome at the reception. Thank you.

[Processional: wedding party enters]
Officiant: Welcome! Today you are here because you have been invited to join in an adventure. You will be witness as [Spouse 1] and [Spouse 2] embark on the adventure of marriage to one another. As Bilbo Baggins said to Frodo, “It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Love is much the same, it's dangerous to fall in love with someone, you never know where it may take you. For [Spouse 1] and [Spouse 2], it has taken them through [Insert cool relationship highlights/triumphs here]. [Spouse 1] and [Spouse 2] thank you for the journeys you have taken today to be with them as the commit their lives to one another.

Honoring the Departed

Officiant: The couple would like to acknowledge the spiritual presence of some people who meant a great deal to them. They deeply regret those that are not physically here today to join the celebration. [Spouse 1] recognizes [Names and relationships of the deceased]. [Spouse 2] would like to acknowledge [Names and relationships of the deceased]


Officiant: [Name], [Relationship to the couple], has a reading prepared.



Officiant: The couple has prepared their own vows. [Spouse 1], your vows?
[[Spouse 1] says their vows]
Officiant: And [Spouse 2], your vows?
[[Spouse 2] says their vows]


Officiant: It is now time to exchange rings. Wedding rings are symbols of the journey taken together, a completion of one story and the start of another. Forged by the fires of compassion, compromise, and love, not to be easily destroyed. To alter from Tolkien: Two rings to rule them all, Two rings will find them, Two rings to bring them all and in this marriage, bind them. The rings, please.

[Get rings from whomever has them]
[[Spouse 1] places ring on [Spouse 2]'s finger]
[Spouse 1]: With this ring, I take you as my legal partner in life.
[[Spouse 2] places ring on [Spouse 1]'s finger]
[Spouse 2]: With this ring, I take you as my legal partner in life.

Declaration of Marriage

Officiant: Today you have joined with [Spouse 1] and [Spouse 2] as they have embarked on the adventure of marriage. It is with great joy that by the authority vested in me by the state that I pronounce you married. You may now kiss.

[[Spouse 1] and [Spouse 2] kiss, face guests, and recess.

Closing Notes

Officiant: Please join us for reception at [Location] starting at [Time].
[Guests are dismissed to the reception.]

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  1. My partner and I used a modified version of this script for our wedding yesterday. It was a huge hit! Thanks so much for posting it!

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