Gory, creepy, and festive goodies for your spooky Halloween shindig

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Bleeding Skull Candle
Oh, I love Halloween week on Offbeat Bride. I love the over-the-top fashions, I love the costumed wedding guests, I love the spooky decor and the crazy candy displays and I LOVE the fact that we've been hoarding all this goodness all year, just waiting to share it all with you this week!

Speaking of hoarding things all year, I thought I'd share some of Think Geek's fantastical Halloween stuff that would be AWESOME additions to your Halloween weddings. So, if you're planning a Halloween wedding for next year, you should jump on this stuff while it's available now. Like this bleeding skull candle! How cool would these look bleeding the night away on all the tables at your wedding?

Zombie Head Cookie JarOMG! The zombie cookie jar is just way too great for your Halloween candy buffet. But beyond that, it'd look awesome on your kitchen counter as well.

Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene TapeDecorate your venue with this Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape. Festive and yet ominous.

Gory Body Parts Lollipop SetHaving a candy bar at your Halloween shindig? How PERFECT are these gory body part lollipops?

NOMskulls Cupcake MoldsNOMskulls cupcake molds, because cupcakes and weddings… and skulls go hand-in-hand! These could also make cute decorative bowls or votive holders.

Skull Shot Glasses Set of 4 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Think Geek had skull shot glasses, but they're out of stock. But I found another option on Amazon that's actually more affordable so they could totally double as favors and amazing glasses.

Zombie Desktop BowlingThese are supposed to be part of a zombie desk bowling game, but I'm seeing amazing zombie cake toppers, or zombie representatives of your wedding party, or just adorable little guys to decorate your venue in general.

Haunted Memories Animated PortraitsHere's the “trick” part of trick-or-treat: set up a few framed photos of family members (present and past) and then add a few of these animated haunted memories portraits with the real portraits to freak out your guests.

Bone Chillers Ice TrayThis skull and crossbones ice try + this crayon tutorial = fun times for the kiddies at your Halloween wedding.

dead fred alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Dead Fred pen holder for your guest book table? I think so!

Ominous Visitor Shower CurtainWhat about this ominous visitor shower curtain as a creepy backdrop to your photo booth?

Plush Zombie HatSpeaking of photo booths, the plush zombie hat would be a great prop!

Tim the Enchanter HeadgearThough I'm particularly enamored with the “Tim the Enchanter” headdress for nerdy photo booth fun.

Scary Sound Greeting Card ATTACK!And, omg guys, when your Halloween wedding fun is all over, I've found your Thank You cards! (Warning: these are probably not the cards you want to send to your grandparents.)

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  1. My favorite is the card. WANNIT! Now I must think of stuff to thank people for because I don’t want to wait until the wedding~

    • It’s insanely awesome. And they’re only like 99 cents right now. I say buy a bunch as use them for WHATEVER! Mwahahahahaha.

  2. I have purchased the card (yay clearance) and the jello mold. Their brain jello mold is far superior to one I purchased before somewhere else. I highly recommend it!

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