The purple wedding dress to rule them all!

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Swoon. Purple dress. Black corset. Pink hair. Purple boots. Black veil. Jeweled crown. I don't know anything about this bride other than that her name is Tanya and she's from the UK and I love her.
Purple Wedding Dress
A very special thanks to analogueandy for sharing the photos with the Offbeat Bride pool on Flickr! Note: you'll need to be a member of the group and logged into Flickr to see the photos I link to in this post.

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  1. totally cool — i was just rereading your post’s comments from yesterday and voila — today’s post was up! and it’s only 8 in the morn here on the east coast…i love your blog — it’s my favorite bridal blog so far — gonna get your book one of these days…

  2. Patricia, I pre-write my posts and set them to publish at around 5am my time … all so my East Coast OBBs have something to ogle with their morning coffee! 🙂

  3. The dress, the boots, the crown. Now this is MY childhood fantasy. Way to go Tanya!!

  4. she is so happy! that smile brightens up the whole wedding.

    i would love to see more if she can share with us. i want more details. please do tanya, but i understand if want to keep it private of course. 🙂

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