From gothy to fancy, black wedding dresses are badass

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Who needs a white wedding dress when you can wear a black one?! I don't want to hate one the lighter end of the wedding dress spectrum, but as someone who eloped in a black dress, I like my frocks dark!

Here are a few of our favorite black wedding dresses — and we'd love to see more!


Steph and Mark's New Zealand wedding was pretty fantastic for several reasons (rockabilly theme! red details!) but chief among them is Steph's black dress. A-mazing!

ML Monique Lhuillier V-Neckline Tiered Trumpet Gown
Monique Lhuillier V-Neckline Tiered Trumpet Gown

This Monique Lhuillier V-Neckline Tiered Trumpet Gown has cobalt blue undertones, perfect for your dark blue and black goth wedding.


Kristen and Jet both rocked black at their zombie Halloween wedding in May 2013.

black wedding gown option alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

This lacy black gown runs up to size 14 and is also available in red.


Krysten donned this incredible black and white dress in her New Orleans elopement.


Manda's full-length black gown is AMAZING — as was her afternoon nightclub wedding in Australia!

wedding gown black alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

This 50's style full-length black satin gown comes in sizes extra small to 5X, and the price is between $57 and $120. SCORE.


One more from the archives, because I'm pretty sure you can never go wrong with a birdcage veil, dinosaur, and amazing black dress.

Want to know more about black wedding dresses?

Meet our fave wedding vendors

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  1. Finally! Now I’ll have something to show my fiancé when he gives me crap about wearing black to our wedding! I love that someone’s doing it. I probably won’t go this fancy, but still. I love the blue on her bridesmaids as well. Beautiful bride!

  2. What a beautiful picture! And the dress (and woman) are gorgeous! Yay for the black wedding dress!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! People gave me shit for wanting black. That dress is drop dead hot!

  4. Black dresses rock, My wedding dress is infact black aswell! And think about it, black is soooo a wedding color the boys wear it 90% of the time! We girls can wear what ever color we want!

  5. I’ve been searching for the designer of this dress.
    I found out it’s likely an Allure Quinceanera gown # ALUQ032
    Now I’m seriously considering one of their gowns # ALUQ032 in ivory.
    Although I’d probably hand embroider a black shadow line around the silver.
    I love the detachable train option.

  6. Yikes, it’s not ALUQ032, it’s ALUQ112 that I have developed a serious and possibly incurable dress-lust for.

  7. I am pretty relieved that this is coming into fashion. We’re having a “HalloWedding” in October, and my dress is black and dark purple, from

    My mother and other family members are balking at my dress colors but I’m excited!

  8. Black is such an elegant choice. It’s good to see people getting a little more adventurous with wedding fashion.

  9. Hey Im planning a Halloween wedding too!And been looking for a perfect dress too I have a white gown but it was given to me by someone who knew I didnt want a all white wedding gown.So Ive been searching for a colored wedding gown and I dont have alot of money since we are paying for the wedding ourselves and Im a single mom so its tough to find something.I may have to just add color somehow to the gown and hope it will work out! I am planning on wearing a wing with it to be an angel or butterfly or something of that nature. Anyways Congrats to the couple!!, great wedding photos too!

  10. I am also wearing a “black” wedding dress, although it’s an ivory dress with a black lace overlay. Ladies wear whatever you want!!!

    • Where did you find a dress with black lace overlay? That is exactly what i am looking for!

  11. I desperately wanted to wear this gorgeous black dress to my wedding but my future mother-in-law freaked out.

    So I’m wearing black and red. Glad to see someone rocking the black!

  12. I was so inspired by this article that with 3 weeks left before the wedding I decided I didn’t want to wear my ivory dress so I got a black one! No one is very surprised, I almost always wear black and I was not comfortable in ivory. The dress is a bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal, I’m going to add a long ivory sash to make it feel more “bridal” and my tailor is turning the zipper into a corset back. I’m so excited, the wedding is in 2 weeks and the best part… the groom doesn’t know i’m wearing black!

  13. I am relieved to know that Black is rumored to be the new white……just today I was doubting my ivory with black overlay dress for my 1950’s inspired wedding…..I am now convinced that it is ok!!!

  14. I too am wearing a black wedding dress! I bought the dress in a cute little shop (not a wedding shop) and I knew straight away this was the dress I wanted to be married in. It cost under $300 and I’m sure it would have been in the thousands if it was in a wedding dress shop. It’s gorgeous and makes me feel like the belle of the ball – it’s like “Old Hollywood” style and has diamontes all in the front. I can’t wait for the big day! Good luck to all on your big day!

  15. Nice dress, nice bride… YES for the Black weeding dress. I hope that my future bride will wear a Black weeding dress.

    Insanity comes to those that belive in their own redepmtion

  16. I am wearing a long black evening gown and I LOVE IT!!! Most people are a bit freaked out but when I tell them I am bride and I get to do what I want they leave me alone!!

  17. I bought a black French Victorian dress,the people who i tol about who othwis would not like to see me in a black dress love it!

  18. Great dress. I actually never thought they had anything, but white wedding dresses. Now I have something I like to wear at my wedding.

  19. I’ve been looking all over for a black wedding dress that suits my taste. Any suggestions?

  20. Where do you find black wedding dresses?
    I live in Colorado but cannot find one black wedding dress.

  21. Im also getting married in black… At least no one complained, and my girlfriend is extatic!! She will also be wearing black.. I think its gonna look amazing!!!

  22. This dress is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!! I am having my wedding on Halloween. Does anyone know where this dress came from or have any sites where I can find similar dresses? Please let me know, I am dying to find one as elegant as this!!

    [email protected]

  23. My daughter is getting married on 10/10/10 and has wanted to wear a black wedding dress for years. I feared that everyone would think they were going to a funeral, but I am glad to see so many people want black dresses. I was thinking of trying to convince her to do a white or ivory with a black overlay. This one is nice though. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  24. Finally! i love the color black and i have always wanted a black wedding dress… but i can find so many pics on the net but still cant find where to get one…. i can find all the red ones that i could ever want.. but no black! can someone please help???

  25. Search for black bridesmaid’s dresses and evening gowns — that’s where you’ll find black dresses that work for weddings.

  26. I just recently got married in Nov 08’and I was desperate to marry in a black dress however, I’m Mexican and it was hard for my husband’s family to grasp the black wedding dress. My family know me and my taste so they were understanding but, I gave in under the stress and went with a black and ivory dress by Christina Wu. It was beautiful and was the perfect blend of “traditional” and black. I loved it. I’m so glad I didn’t go all black. I received so many compliments on the dress. I wish I could get married every year so I could wear my dress over and over. Email me for pics of the dress because it’s only shown in gold and ivory online. Christina Wu style 5518.

  27. Many black dresses can be found online with bridal stores like davidsbridal,( in bridesmaid section) check out prom dresses as well, and also can be found as evening gown search too. good luck !!

  28. You guys should look at Quincenera dresses or prom dresses if you want a black wedding dress. they come in every color under the sun from Sunshine yellow to iridescent purple to black!

  29. I am getting married in black on memorial day in vegas at night I put on the dress (black) just for sizing and fell in love with it this is my 2nd marriage and have 2 teenagers the black definatly helped those extra curves . my fiance is wearing black w/ white pinstripes kinda gangster looking what the hell were in Vegas we are going to have FUN with it… it doesnt matter what you wear its matters what your wedding day is all about!! =)

  30. im gettin married dec 09
    i really want a black wedding dress
    do you guys know a website where i can go and look for one…
    everywhere i go they wont make it

  31. I’m sorry but that is GORGEOUS! No matter what color the dress is, it will always be beatituful!!

  32. i too got married in black and it was stunning, the pictures just look sooo unreal because of the snow we had and my dress was from karen millen hahaha


  34. I too am having a black wedding dress, so glad to see so many others too. Its got an ivory and black bodice and a bustled victorian style satin skirt (full length) its from Romantica of Devon called Wisconsin

  35. omg i luv these dresses 2 they r so amazing!!!!!!!!! i wanna have a black pnk/rock wedding dress so badly!!!!lol

  36. I announced I was going to wear Black at my Wedding in Oct 2010. The negative stick I got was unbelievable. So I traipsed around bridal shops, and ball gown shops and high street shops and when i tried on a Black Ball Gown it was the one I was most happy with. I tried to make everyone happy and choose something different, but you know, at the end of the day, it is my dress!! Here is to the Black Wedding Dress !!

  37. Cynzia- maybe you can ad some beading/sequin or lace designs in color? (either you or someone else with crafting/sewing skills)

    A color panel around the waist, inset to the back or front, or into the bodice could be very beautiful and different. Or you could use some rit dye, if your dress is machine washable.

    If you can dye: I’d go with that grey blue color from the corpse bride and tear the hemline/anything drapey a little, and add some pretty bits (in color or white…black or silver would be pretty) to the bodice/back. Add a veil with irregular lace edges and voila! A perfect halloween bride!

    You could also go the other way and add deep jewel colors for a masked ball style dress. A red or deep blue/violet lined cape for over…spectacular!

  38. And somehow I missed the bit about being an angel or butterfly:

    If that’s the look you’re going for you could go for the “Breathe dress” look from the movie Ever After. Silver, blue, and gold embellishments.

    Or something like Titania from “A Mid-summer’s Night Dream”. Pastel or jewel color panels/insets or sash.

    I hope this helps!

  39. I am wearing black to my wedding. Apparently, it’s Spanish tradition =)

  40. can you have the bridal party wearing black as well as wearing a black wedding dress?????

  41. I’m engaged and in a same-sex relationship, and we’ve decided that my fiancee is going to wear the traditional white A-line wedding dress (it was her mom’s), and I’m going to wear a black ball gown. It’s so us: she’s sweet and classy; I’m outspoken and offbeat.

    Plus, since we’re both technically “the bride”, we want to be very conscious of not overshadowing or upstaging each other’s dress. Solution? Wear dresses that are both gorgeous and elegant, but so totally different from each other that no one is tempted to “compare” and neither of us steals the spotlight more than the other. So, she will be wearing white and I will be wearing black, and we will both be beautiful brides in our own way. 🙂

    So, add me to the list of brides who will be rocking black on my big day. Yay for black dresses!!

  42. My mom wore a black dress for her second wedding. She said she just couldn’t find a white one she liked. It was a knee-length black velveteen dress with these swirls of gold and silver … glitter, I guess? It was classic ’90s! As was her hair …

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