The offbeat bride: Lindsey, Advertising Design

Her offbeat partner: Mike, Auto Super Mechanic

Date and location of wedding: Willow Lake Gardens and Barn, Weatherford, Texas — October 9, 2011

What made our wedding offbeat: We kept most of our wedding a secret from our large Southern Baptist family. We are agnostic, and did not want to scare them into thinking our wedding was going to be too off-the-wall. So we kept most of the details to ourselves and let the rest fall into place. Our venue was two sites at one property. We rented them both: the gardens for the ceremony, and the AMAZING two-story party barn for the reception. Oh, and did I mention a mechanical bull?!



Tell us about the ceremony: We composed our own ceremony with the help of our BAD-ASS officiant Rev. Arianna Gray. We wrote our own vows, and to my surprise Mike wrote his entire vows to me using the acrostic poem of my name! Major nerdy coolness points. We included our children in a sand ceremony, honored our mothers, and also did a Native American wedding vase ceremony (which I spilled it all over my face and dress!).


Our biggest challenge: BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET! We bought a house a couple of months before the wedding, which means our entire life savings funds were drained. (It was an amazing deal though, and totally worth it). We prowled garage sales for dinnerware, used coupons, DIYed our table runners and signs, and bargain shopped like mofos to make it happen.


My favorite moment: This was the very first time our families had met and been all together in the same place ever. Mike and I had been together for over six years, so this was a huge deal to us. We felt so overwhelmed and loved with just everyone being there.


My funniest moment: The drunken mechanical bull fails of the evening. The pictures were priceless. Plus, my camera-hog daughter snuck into nearly all of the pictures taken.


Also funny was our wedding party introduction song: “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks — HA!


Oh, and trying to teach our west coast anti-cowboy friends how to two-step with this song: “We're From The Country” by Tracy Byrd. It was a total riot.


Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great? The horrendous downpour of rain mysteriously stopped mere seconds before we walked across the gardens then down to the gazebo. My rock star 4″ pumps were not going to be useful sinking two feet into the ground, so I improvised and wore flip-flops instead. My dad carried my shoes as he helped me walk so I wouldn't bust ass in the mud. Our guests and family gasped then laughed when they saw me bent over changing shoes front and center.



My advice for offbeat brides: Plan ahead! Even if you think you'll have plenty o' time for all things wedding-related, things happen. Last minute procrastination leaves you stressed and cranky. In our case, we forgot decorations, I was seriously late to the ceremony because I locked my keys in my car, it rained over six inches on our outdoor ceremony site, plus we forgot to pay some vendors (I'm sure because of the overflowing margaritas). But no worries, we remedied that.


If it's not important to you or your partner, dismiss it. Don't include Debbie Downers in your ideas if they are prone to shoot them down either. The oh-so-famous “well, if it were my wedding…” is the most skin-crawling phrase to any bride.


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  1. So beautiful! Also, I need more information on those badass shoes. Also, congratulations 🙂

  2. This looks like a fun wedding!I love these cowboys. My wedding was just 3 weeks ago and All of your advice is spot on!

  3. ya know, if my dumb exbf hadn’t been so dumb, i’d have a groom in a cowboy hat. groom in cowboy hat=hot. period. i’m glad you have your cowboy, they can be awesome! (my other half will probably wear a rush tee just to irk me, lol)

    looks like you had a blast! and congrats on the house!

  4. Your wedding looks so fun! Congratulations!! I’m kind of stoked to see Weatherford here, since I lived right outside it for about a year and a half. 🙂

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