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This couple rocked their Scottish wedding with a heavy metal bouquet

Jodie and David turned a traditional Scottish wedding into something quite unique: a metal bouquet, a hip flask harness, battle jackets, a drumskin guestbook, Rammstein-themed cake, a teapot sand ceremony, and guitar pics as favours!

unity in glass sculptures alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A rainbow of frozen feels: Keep your wedding memories from fading with this unity ceremony

Our sponsor Unity in Glass can keep your unity ceremony frozen in time forever. But can they freeze your memories in time too? Apparently they can. How is that magic possible, you ask? Probably like this…

lee ware 37 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Keep your unity ceremony frozen in time forever with Unity in Glass

You might remember our sponsor Unity in Glass from when we first introduced them to you back in 2011 as an alternative unity ceremony. Unity in Glass was started with the help of a creative bride that wanted a hand blown vase made from their unity sand ceremony. Unity in Glass grew from a team of one, into a global team a five!

As if that alone wasn’t awesome enough, here’s what else is new from Unity in Glass (including a special offer!)…

Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony

This couple created some epic art with their unity ceremony

Selena and Stephen had the most super duper adorable Disney/Pixar’s Up-themed wedding featuring hot air balloon glowing centerpieces, rainbow balloon cake, grape soda boutonnieres, Carl and Ellie-style mailbox card box, balloon thumbprint guest book print, and balloon shots galore. It made our LIFE. But what really got us in the feels was when they showed us the spoils of their unique and creative unity ceremony: a custom-made unity ceremony sculpture by one of our favorite vendors, Unity in Glass. Let’s talk about what they created with their unity ceremony and how you can snag a stunning custom unity ceremony sculpture of your own.

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8 of our favorite alternative unity ceremonies including one that nets you a permanent piece of art

We’ve talked about lots of alternative unity ceremonies before, but we’ve got even more we wanted to collect and share with you to get your brain buzzing. This time around, we’re talking about a glow stick ceremony, a baking ceremony, and even a lightsaber candle ceremony. Then we’re going to show you a particularly awesome ceremony that gives you a seriously meaningful and lasting memento to keep on display.

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A unity ceremony with glass and 2100 degrees of heat: you’re going to want to see this

What if I told you that you can take a unity ceremony to a seriously higher level by crafting up your own custom, totally unique, and handcrafted piece of artwork derived from those ingredients in your unity ceremony that will last forever? Just choose your colored glass crystals, the style of sculpture you want, add 2100 degree molten crystal… and get ready to lose your shit. Let’s see how it’s done with our sponsor, Unity in Glass.