A unity ceremony with glass and 2100 degrees of heat: you’re going to want to see this

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Nick and Emily Unity Ceremony Idea 3 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Emily and Nick combine their custom-colored crystals before it becomes something else entirely — Photo by Trevor Dayley

Crafting a ceremony can be tough as hell. We know this. When it comes to making the ceremony extra meaningful, we often find couples choosing a unity ceremony to seal the deal with something symbolic. But what if I told you that you can take your unity ceremony to a seriously higher level by creating your own custom, totally unique, piece of artwork derived from the ingredients in your unity ceremony… and that it will last forever?

Just choose your colored glass crystals, the style of sculpture you want, add 2100 degree molten crystal… and get ready to lose your shit. Let's see how it's done with our sponsor, Unity in Glass.


So how does this whole concept work?

  1. You select what you'd ultimately like to have made from your unity ceremony — a glass sculpture, vase, or bowl (OMG someone get the scalloped infinity bowl and show us!)
  2. Select the colors you want — they recommend at least three, but you can choose eight or more
  3. Unity in Glass will ship the glass crystals to you in individual packets
  4. You combine the crystals in whatever way makes sense for you and your ceremony, most likely sand ceremony-style
  5. You'll ship the newly mixed glass crystal color mixture back to the artists at Unity in Glass so they can work their creative mojo with your custom ceremony goodies
  6. Unlike a candle or sand, Unity in Glass can also make additional items (ornaments, paperweights, other items you can pull from your imagination) from the remaining glass crystals for gifts to parents, children, or close friends



What is this magic that happens after the mixture is sent back?

The artists over at Unity in Glass (Lee and Morgan — that's Lee above working the glass like a boss) use 2100 degree molten clear crystal, incorporating the colored glass from your ceremony, to create your final product. The process takes about three to six weeks after the crystals are received back in the studio.

unity ceremony 2 Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Real talk: is it affordable?

We're talking a custom-made piece of art that you'll be keeping forever, so it's going to run more than your average sand ceremony materials. But then again, that sand doesn't get transformed into stunning crystal! You'll be looking at between $300-700 depending on the style. The craftsmanship in these pieces is truly inspiring and having this for yourself (or for a gift!) will be well worth the cost. Plus, conversation starters galore.

Photos by: www.trevordayley.com

Bonus for Offbeat Bride readers

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Get a complimentary fused glass pendant made using your glass colors as a gift from Unity in Glass. In the order form comment box “details or comments about color” enter phrase: OffbeatBride2015 Pendant

Now that you've seen the future of unity ceremony keepsakes, it's time to take the leap and go choose your colors and start planning what you'll wear with your new glass pendant. Let us lead the way…

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Comments on A unity ceremony with glass and 2100 degrees of heat: you’re going to want to see this

  1. We did this at our wedding and absolutely LOVE.LOVE.LOVE seeing our beautiful sculpture every day! We had a country music themed wedding, so as we were pouring the class crystals together, we played the song “Glass” by Thompson Square. It was seriously PERFECT. Also, Lee is so amazing to work with. It’s so obvious how much he cares about his work and his customers. I would highly recommend Unity in Glass to any couple that wants to do something unique for their unity ceremony!

    • We did this too! I looove the end result. It almost looks too classy to be on our mantel: http://imgur.com/XUvzqfd

      I’m almost tempted to see if we can get the fluted bowl with our leftover crystals for an anniversary…

  2. This is an awesome idea!! Now if only they could do this with a broken glass from a Jewish ceremony. I still have the shards of our glass sitting around, 4 years later, and haven’t been able to figure out how to make them into something pretty!

      • Wish this was around when I got married! It would have been cool to have the glass from my wedding done up like the examples on the website!

      • I did find those. They really aren’t my taste. The art in this post is much more to my liking. Believe me, I googled for weeks and talked to a lot of independent artists. The best I’ve come up with is a hand made kaleidoscope made by a artist who sells in Pike Place Market (I live in Seattle). But it still isn’t quite right.

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