Keep your unity ceremony frozen in time forever with Unity in Glass

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What started as a team of one, has grown over the years!

You might remember our sponsor Unity in Glass from when we first introduced them to you back in 2011 as an alternative unity ceremony. Unity in Glass was started with the help of a creative bride who wanted a hand-blown vase made from their unity sand ceremony. Over the next few years Unity in Glass grew from a team of one, into a team a five — making gorgeous glass work from sand ceremonies for couples all over the world.

As if that alone wasn't awesome enough, here's what else is new from Unity in Glass (including a special offer!)…

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Unity Sculptures in various colors.

Unity in Glass, currently serves the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The rest are served by their new European team based in Yens, Switzerland. And both locations have garnered nothing but amazing reviews from people all over the world…

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“My husband and I wanted to do a sand ceremony at our wedding, but wanted something that we could keep forever. We found unity in glass and thought the concept was so beautiful and unique. We just received our vase that was made from the glass pieces we used at our ceremony and it is gorgeous. They also gave us a little pendant that I've put on my keychain and think of our wedding every time I see it! They make beautiful, unique, and memory filled pieces that will last a lifetime!! I love our vase!” -Mónica

“I found Unity in Glass when looking for alternatives for the sand ceremony. I was blown away by the beauty of each glass piece. After researching it further, we decided to pick colors and the sculpture. I even found a reading for the ceremony that described what the beads would be made into.

After waiting patiently to receive our one-of-a-kind sculpture, it arrived today. It is everything I hoped for and more! It's so beautiful! There was also a sweet pendant made from our beads and some left over beads. I'm so happy we decided to purchase the sculpture. Definitely worth the price! Thank you so much! We will cherish it forever! -Kelly”

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I love the Aria Unity Vases

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Also new this year is their “Two Step Option.” This allows you to more budget flexibility by ordering in two steps:

Step 1: For $150, Unity in Glass ships you their selected color beads (up to eight are included, from our selection of 16!).

Step 2: Within 12 months after the wedding, you'll choose which gorgeous glass item you'd like your beads to be turned into, and Unity in Glass will apply the initial $150 towards the final price of the item. (For example, their $449 Infinity Bowl balance would be $299.

Optional Heart Unity in Glass alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Optional heart paperweight and ornaments.

Special Offer:

Unity in Glass is offering gift pendant to readers of Offbeat Bride. To get yours just write OBBPendant2017 in the box on the order form labeled “comments or details about color.”

If you're currently looking for a way to freeze your unity ceremony in time forever, and make it super-useful (I'm looking at you, vase) take advantage of Unity in Glasses two-step process, register for their gift cards, or just splurge today and know that it'll be worth it for-freaking-ever.

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  1. I know offbeat bride loves this company but they are SO expensive. I found a local glass blower that was willing to do this for MUCH much less. Not only that, we can actually be part of the glass blowing process and arent limited to a choice of a useless sculpture or a bowl. We are doing a Christmas ornament. I feel better supporting a local artist.

    There is also a glass artist studio out of Estes Park, CO (Rocky Mountain Glass) that does this for much less too. Again, you arent limited in choice of 2 different items. They are again a small artist studio that are significantly less.

    Nothing necessarily against this company, but they are not the only option out there for couples who want to do this.

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