How to fix a wedding invitation faux pas with an “honest mistake” video

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honest mistakeAlexis (of custom wedding hangers fame) and Rafe made a bit of wedding invite oopsie. They sent out their fabulous wedding invitations that included their fabulous RSVP response cards PRE-stamped… and that's what caused the problem.

See, between the time that they sent their invites and the time their guests received them, the Post Office raised the price of postage from 28 to 29 cents!

But thankfully, Alexis and Rafe had an AWESOME solution that would really work for ANY kind of wedding invitation disaster. So watch and learn, people.

Lessons learned from this experience:

  1. Always check for postage rate hikes around the time of your wedding.
  2. Always take detailed, high quality photos of you and your partner mailing your wedding invitations. You never know when those will make for a great apology video.

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Comments on How to fix a wedding invitation faux pas with an “honest mistake” video

    • Forever stamps cost the full amount of postage (currently 44 cents), which is twice the amount of a postcard stamp. Not really worth it for the couple to buy them.

  1. Well here in Australia it would have cost you 50 cents a card anyhow, so paying 44 cents doesn’t seem so bad!

    • Now 70c! I went in yesterday to do the same thing, and was old the price of stamps goes up tomorrow 🙁 cue $100 on stamps

  2. I think its up to 60 now in Australia!! I don’t know how it works, but I think in Australia they have a grace period, where they deliver mail that has an old stamp.

    • We sent our invites out with 45c stamps on them, not realising that the price had gone up to 50c the week before! Thankfully they were all delivered…

    • They also have a grace period in Canada, although I’m not sure for how long and if they do it every year (the price goes up every year at New Year’s, as far as I know).

  3. LOVED THE VIDEO!!! So cute! What a fun way to fix a mistake!! Great idea! (Especially love the photo of you both sitting on top of the box…)

  4. Ah this is a great idea. I totally wish we thought of something like this. We mailed out our invitations early (lots of international guests) and shortly after we mailed the invitations (and return addressed rsvp postcards) we were forced to move. yup, we had to contact 150 people and tell them to not mail their rsvp cards because we wouldn’t get them (or mailman told us that the postcards probably wouldn’t get forwarded). a fun movie would have been way more fun then 150 embarrassing phone calls.

  5. Am I cheap for not adding stamps to the RSVP envelopes? We gave an option to email, call or RSVP at our personalized website and included the addressed envelopes as an afterthought but didn’t want to spend another $35-$50 on stamps knowing most of them likely wouldn’t be used.

    • No. If you gave people an email option, then that’s fine. I didn’t even include RSVP cards because I wanted everyone to RSVP online (those who couldn’t could call me).

  6. Oh and I’m so happy that Canada has moved to a Permanent stamp system where the price may fluctuate but the stamp just has a “P” on it meaning that they’re good forever!

    • This just happened to me!! I bought stamps last week at $0.59 a stamp, and this morning it went up to $0.61. I had a little panic attack until I called Canada Post and they explained the “permanent” part. Crisis averted!! LoL

      • Important to note for my fellow Canadians. As of March 1st, the price of permanent stamps is hiking up to $1 a stamp. Owch. So get ’em now before the price goes nuts.

  7. This video is great! I just hope that the guests mentioned on the envelopes were OK their addresses being publicly shared via video. I mean this in a genuine way because I do mail art and would love to share more of my work online but haven’t as much because of this privacy concern.

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