A backwards wedding with two purple dresses and a sweet sing-along

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 | Photography by Lakshal Perera


I wasn't lying. Tash and Jules' Tasmanian wedding at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm was actually backwards: the reception came before the ceremony! Plus, as Tash is a huge fan of purple, she got to wear two purple dresses (and some panda slippers when the feet started hurting).

Tash sang a tear-jerking song to Jules at the reception: “Hey Jude” became “Hey Jules,” and EVERYONE joined in, including the venue crew. Let's just let Tash herself explain how that felt: “It was one of those moments where you're part of a crowd, united in glory and song, and the energy swells to an overwhelming point — a collective joy that transcends the here and now, and reduces you to a teary laughing mess.” Like whoa. That's an epic feeling. Photographer Lakshal Perera knew we would eat this one up like delish wedding cake.





















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  1. Cool idea. The champagne might help with those pre-ceremony jitters, and I love the idea of celebrating what’s to come with family and friends.

    One word of caution from a wedding photographer: having the ceremony later could mean the ceremony photos won’t be as pretty (if it’s after dark and especially if it’s after dark outside). And I’d say consider doing a First Look for sure, so you get pretty daylight photos while your gown, hair, makeup and flowers are still lovely and fresh….

  2. Woooo!! Christmas Hills! That’s just up the road from where I grew up as a child! It’s so nice to finally see a wedding from Tasmania!! >.<

  3. I love this idea! One of the few things I did envision before getting engaged was a candle-lit ceremony and, although I know it won’t be the best in terms of photography, I’m still really set on it. I’m interested to hear more about how things went before? Has anyone else done the backwards wedding? Was there any tension/weirdness as people were waiting for the big event? Was it just dinner before? Or was there any dancing/speeches before the ceremony as well? I’m thinking maybe we’ll do a ceremony sandwich…. fun before and after 🙂

  4. OMG!!! Im from Launceston, Tasmania which is about 40 mins away from where this wedding was. And i know who the Bride is!! I’ve never been so excited to see a local face before!

    Beautiful wedding, absolutely stunning location, this is all just breathtaking. I wish nothing but happiness on the happy couple.

  5. The purple everywhere and whatever trick the photographer was using made the wedding look magical! They really pulled off an awesome wedding!

  6. Oh my goodness. I LOVE! Inspired, party up, hey we’re married, more party? I’m all over it. Also..that brooch bouquet is magic!

  7. Inspired, party up, hey we’re married, more party? I’m all over it. Also..that brooch bouquet is magic!

  8. Me encantan todos los detalles para la boda de color morado! Y sobre todo las zapatillas de oso panda…!! Seguro que estuviste cómoda el día de tu boda!

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