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Yep, puppet weddings are totally a thing! You may also want to check out our archive of Muppet weddings.

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Kermit and Animal and pirate duels: the wildest Muppet wedding video you’ll see today

Once you’ve photographed Dick Van Dyke’s seafoam circus wedding, it’s hard to come down from that high. But boy are we going to try with Jenna and Robert’s most delightful and so very Hollywood-themed Muppet wedding in LA captured by our sponsor Rawtography. We’re going to show you a video highlight of this wedding that will make your knees go weak, and you’ll running over to book your date with LA-based Rawtography for your own video.

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When Comic-Con speed dating leads to wedded bliss: a nerdy theater celebration

Sarah and Shane first met at a Comic-Con Speed Dating event, and their love for movies, Doctor Who, and puppets brought them together. They got married at the Scotia Cinema in New York, where guests were greeted with popcorn and 3D glasses, and then peppered with trivia questions about the couple’s relationship.

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Technicolor Muppet madness at this Austin wedding

Never have I seen so much colorful Muppet hilarity in one wedding. (And we’ve seen some Muppets!). A Muppet cake (with awesome sheet cake alternative), Muppet felt bouquets, doppelganger hand puppets, and an ANIMAL BAND(!!) make Cristina and Trevor’s wedding a total nostalgia-fest. There were even felt Muppet eyes and props for the photo booth. Feast your eyes and get smacked in the face with color!

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A Million Puppet March wedding in DC

Lisa and Charlie traveled to Washington DC from Rhode Island to be married at the Million Puppet March in October. The ceremony was officiated by Tiffany Newman and took place during the muppet gathering at Lincoln Park. Afterwards, they walked to the capitol for a big puppet show with Charlies wearing a Big Bird costume and Lisa as Kermit.

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Zoe & Zach’s puppet show park wedding

These two artists collaborated with friends to create an epic “Owl and the Pussycat” puppet show ceremony including rockets, banners, singing, a ring dove, and a look-alike puppet officiant. They followed up the performance with barbecue and polka music. And don’t worry: there’s a video!

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Ana & Kim’s pinup-inspired cabaret wedding

Ancient nations’ wedding traditions + wiccan rituals + xaman beliefs + retro cabaret style = THIS.