Kermit and Animal and pirate duels: the wildest Muppet wedding video you’ll see today

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Unique west coast photography on @offbeatbride
Photos and video by Rawtography
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You may remember Rawtography from a little wedding called Dick Van Dyke's seafoam circus wedding. We're going to wow you again with Jenna and Robert's most delightful and so very Hollywood-themed Muppet wedding in LA, captured by our sponsor Rawtography. We're going to show you a video highlight of this wedding that will make your knees go weak, and you'll be running over to book your date with LA-based Rawtography for your own video.

Oh, and we've got some gorgeous photography from the wedding, too, which was also shot by Rawtography, natch. Get ready to see pirate duels, the Jim Henson studios, a huge sparkler send-off, and of course, an intro from Kermit and Animal themselves. Apparently the bride and Animal have some history…

Photography: Ryan Williams | Video Team: Charles Ratteray and Jenn Spain

Were we right about that vid or what? Rawtography's team killed it with the amount of awesomeness. They've worked with lots of incredibly creative couples like you. Some of their favorites include a natural history wedding complete with volcano, a Burning Man-style weekend camp out, and of course, the seafoam circus extravaganza that was the Van Dyke wedding.

Not to worry though if your budget isn't Dick Van Dyke-level. Rawtography has packages for almost all budgets, and they get super excited about offbeat weddings in particular. They also don't believe in time limits, so they won't be cutting out right after dinner. Don't be afraid to say hello and see what they've got in store for a wedding like yours.

Unique west coast photography on @offbeatbride Unique west coast photography on @offbeatbride

Make things even more affordable by taking advantage of this special deal, too:

Special Offer for readers of Offbeat Bride:

Rawtography offers a free engagement shoot with any wedding photography package — just be sure to mention that you came from here!

Now let's see more of this spectacular (and geektacular!) LA wedding:

Unique west coast photography on @offbeatbride Unique west coast photography on @offbeatbride

See? Knees like Jell-O. We can absolutely see Rawtography's passion for understanding what makes their couples tick. Want everyone to go gaga over your wedding video and photography, too? It's time to go book your date with Rawtography.

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