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Chic-as-hell vintage lamps as centerpiece decor as seen on @offbeatbride

Chic-as-hell vintage lamps as centerpiece decor

Vanessa and Octavia had their industrial garden party wedding at the super industrial-chic venue, Tap Architecture in Oklahoma City. Our favorite part was their centerpiece decor that made their already gorgeously rough interior even more vintage-fabulous. The pair re-painted and re-covered all the lamps and lampshades used as centerpieces, cut custom fabric as table runners, and collected old books as decor. It was a labor of love that made us swoon for the homey vibe.

Felt succulents tutorial for all your rustic centerpieces and bouquets as seen on @offbeatbride #felt #fabricflowers #succulents #wedding

A felt succulents tutorial for all your rustic centerpieces, bouquets, and headpieces

Are you into succulents and want them to last forever and ever and ever? I’ve got a DIY project for super easy felt succulents to make into a bouquet, as your centerpiece, and even as a headpiece! Once these felt succulents are made, you can attach them to almost anything for a super fun and rustic vibe. Shall we learn how to make them? Let’s go.

What to buy after Christmas alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Buy these 7 things on sale after Christmas for your wedding next year

Planning a wedding for this upcoming year and want to be strategic about saving some cash right now? PRO-TIP: After Christmas and New Year’s is the ideal time to score deals on decor, lights, gift sets, and other wedding items that can be stashed away for your wedding day. Here are the seven items on which we’d stock up at the after-holiday sales to have your wedding looking super chic on the cheap.

paper succulent bouquet photo by sandra costello photography seen on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How to make large paper succulent centerpieces (or bouquets!)

These paper succulents are a larger version of this amazing Lia Griffith tutorial. Her templates are built so that all 10 petal pieces fit on a standard letter size sheet of paper. This is great for the smaller, 2.5″ size flowers, but we needed to get beefy with these leafy blossoms!

dinosaur jar centerpiece DIY

Dinosaurs and pickles combine in this ultra easy centerpiece DIY project

When you go through as many pickles as I do, you end up with a ton of empty glass jars. These come in super handy for crafting up some DIYed centerpieces, so I decided to convert my handy dandy dry goods pickle jar upcycle into a super easy, dino-tastic centerpiece idea. Here’s the surprisingly easy method for whipping these bad boys up in just a few minutes.

light up terrarium alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How to make a light-up terrarium

You know we love us some terrarium decor action. Let’s talk about how to make this awesome light-up terrarium. These would make for super-stunning reception decor pieces.