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Shrie & Brett’s Vintage 50’s Mexican Fiesta Hitchin’!

And in case you missed my two part series, here ’tis! “Planning A Wedding from Afar Part I and Part II“. Tips and tricks galore.. now dive into our wedding! The offbeat bride: Shrie, Sign Designer/Music Writer Her offbeat partner: Brett, Senior System Engineer Location & date of wedding: YWCA in downtown Fort Worth, TX […]

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Shana & Bill’s Sunny Muddy Kid-Friendly Farm Wedding

The offbeat bride: Shana, Renewable Energy Her offbeat partner: Bill, Renewable Energy Location & date of wedding: Our farm in Gouverneur, NY on August 2nd, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: First, it was on a rundown, beat up, muddy, treacherous farm. There is no barn to speak of, and everything has been abandoned for […]

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Awesome venue idea: MOVIE THEATER

So you say you don’t want to get married in a church, but it’s autumn so you’re not doing it outside or in your backyard. Bars aren’t really your style and while cave is cool and lofts are swank … maybe you want a movie theater.

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Charli & Steve’s Fireworks & Family Dancin’ Wedding!

The offbeat bride: Charli, Advertising Her offbeat partner: Steve, IT Location & date of wedding: Mercury Hall in Austin, TX on August 23rd, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: We partied the only way we know how. Go big or go home. Everything we did for this wedding was unique and true to us. Every […]

Ikea-hacking wedding centerpiece

The urge to DIY comes in many forms: wanting to save $$, putting your personal touch on your wedding, or creating something that you couldn’t have otherwise. My situation called for all three. When I saw the going rate for centerpieces ($50 for something I would laugh at and $300 for something I enjoyed), I […]

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DIY flower arrangements aren’t so tough

Arranging centrepiece flowers yourself can save you big bucks — and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Find some inspiration and some DIY floral arrangement tutorials in this here roundup, including tricks for using grocery store bouquets and thrifted finds, but still making a big impact.