Buy these 7 things on sale after Christmas for your wedding next year

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What to buy after Christmas alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Holly flower crown by Kisforkani

Planning a wedding for this upcoming year and want to be strategic about saving some cash right now?

PRO-TIP: After Christmas and New Year's is the ideal time to score deals on decor, lights, gift sets, and other wedding items that can be stashed away for your wedding day. Retailers like Etsy have HUGE sales in the two weeks after the holidays.

Here are the seven items on which we'd stock up at the after-holiday sales to have your wedding looking chic on the cheap.

Flora, foliage, and flower baubles

Craft and big box stores will often have holiday greenery, twigs, mistletoe, sweet little cake toppers, and anything you can think of covered in glitter. This is your time to start planning any DIY decor like holiday-themed centerpieces.

Fairy lights

Those after-Christmas sales are loaded with deals on fairy/twinkle lights. I keep mine up most of the year anyway, so feel free to snag some on the cheap, hang them up, then repurpose them for your wedding next year!

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Amethyst twinkle lights from AlisonBrights


Similarly, pretty garland (both the real and faux varieties) will be plentiful and ready to line your aisle, your centerpiece, or even your headpiece! Think tinsel, rainbow garland, and natural greenery. Also keep an eye out for rustic decor details like burlap bunting.

Gift sets

You'll lots of beauty buys, soaps, lotions, and other sweet-smelling goodies on clearance that make great gifts for wedding parties, family members, and other special folks you want to thank.

7 items to buy after Christmas for your 2016 wedding from @offbeatbride
Personalized flasks from So Good So Wood


Want your reception to smell like pine trees? Now's the time to stock up on cheap candles. Just make sure you check with your venue to make sure you are allowed to use them. Or snag some of the LED kind.

Sparklers and fireworks

Want a sparkly send-off? Post New Year's sales will often have fireworks and sparklers at the ready for your stockpile and eventual awesome photo opportunity.


Oh yes, after New Year's Eve is totally the time to stock up on booooze like champagne, holiday spirits, cordials, etc. Just make sure you grab enough so that you'll still have enough if you partake throughout the year. Because we know we would!

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  1. Christmas and the holiday season brings a lot of happiness and offers on products but the after sales is what one have to go for obviously. After the celebrations, everyone want to sell off their items as soon as possible so as to make changes for the coming season. And the lights, flaura, and firecrackers should be purchased after the celebration is over. This also reduces the stress, and you can easily focus on your celebrations rather than getting hitched in to shopping for the big day.

  2. Hmm- do you guys/gals think it’s worth buying our own alcohol if we are getting a caterer with a bartender? Do you think the corkage fees+wine/beer will cost less than buying a wine and beer bar package? Or should I just skip that bit and wait to figure it out after I have a caterer and see their prices? (venue requires a bartender to serve drinks and make sure no one litters the park with beer bottles)

    • I don’t know when you’re getting married, but if you have an idea of a date and number of guests, you can probably get quotes on corkage fees and bar packages from some caterers in your area to get an idea of whether buying your own would be cheaper. And you might want to stock up on booze if you’re doing other, non-catered parties (a shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, etc.)

  3. We’re getting married on Leap Day 2016 and I never knew that having a February wedding would be so great! We’ve gotten to take advantage of Black Friday/before-Christmas/after-Christmas sales, we had our registry squared away which made it really easy when someone asked what we wanted for Christmas, and a couple of people gave us wedding presents at Christmas, so we get two more months to enjoy them! February weddings rock!

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