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Budgeting Advice

How to save money on your wedding and make the most of your wedding budget — plus budget examples from real couples!

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

8 genius money saving tips for your wedding

Weddings can be beautiful and meaningful on any budget! That being said, who isn’t happier with a little more cash money in their pockets? We’re sharing these genius money saving tips for your wedding, including things you need to do before setting a wedding budget, ways to save on food, how to handle the limiting of Plus 1s, and how having a wedding website can actually save you money!

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Surprisingly inexpensive NYC wedding venues: TEA HOUSES!

Like most New York brides, I’ve been wondering how can I have an inexpensive wedding in NYC? I’ve been combing through the big commercial wedding websites for ideas of affordable wedding venues, and I found next to nothing that would fit my budget. Then I found tea houses as an inexpensive NYC wedding venue option!

An intimate and majestic Middle-earth elopement in New Zealand (with a rainbow!)

Budget breakdown for a $2k wedding (yes, that includes the honeymoon!)

My partner and I got married for about $2,100 TOTAL – including rings, clothes, and honeymoon. Today, I’m going to do a budget breakdown of how we did it.

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Should your parents pay for your wedding? Why one bride says NO THANK YOU

Historically, parents paying for a wedding has ugly cultural baggage. For this reason, I am against the idea of anyone’s parents being obliged or asked to pay for their children’s wedding.

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I Had A $6k Wedding Budget, Here’s The Real Breakdown Of My Expenses

We had a $6000 wedding budget, and we did most of these things detailed in this excellent post on Offbeat Bride. We did get some help from family, but sticking to our wedding budget allowed us to take the month-long cross-country road trip honeymoon of our dreams! Here’s how we stuck to our $6k wedding budget:

A soon-to-be mama & her handsome groom elope in the mountains of Glacier National Park

How I’m throwing a $3k wedding: 7 tips for saving money

My partner and I are have a $3,000 wedding budget for our wedding this fall. Throughout the planning, we’re managing to actually stick closely to our budget. Here’s how we’re doing it.