light up terrarium

You know we love us some terrarium decor action. We've featured pop-culture terrariums and succulent terrariums, and Super Mario terrariums.

Let's talk about how to make this awesome light-up terrarium. These would make for super-stunning reception decor pieces, or centerpieces for larger tables.

What you'll need

  • Large glass terrarium, or lanterns with an door or a side that opens.
  • LED Lights Desk Top Cherry Blossom Tree
  • Something to spread along the bottom of the terrarium — this one used sea shells and driftwood, but you could use bones or porcelain doll parts for a more macabre look, or rocks and moss for a more earthy terrarium feel.

How to assemble

place tree inside terrarium
Plug in the tree and place it inside the terrarium. Either pull the extension cord out the front and run it back under the terrarium, or turn the terrarium around and leave the cord running out the front.

arrange the ground coverArrange your “ground covering” to cover up the base and the cord.

light up terrarium decorClose the door, light it up, step back and appreciate the magic of your light-up terrarium decor!

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Comments on How to make a light-up terrarium

  1. Nevermind a wedding reception, I want this in my APARTMENT.

  2. Hmmm… I bet I could make these in their entirety using LEDs from the hardware store, wire, floral tape for covering the icky looking rubber insulation, batteries, and a switch. Then they could be teeny tiny if I wanted and also wouldn’t need to be plugged in, which would work out much better for outdoor wedding centerpieces. 🙂 Time to investigate Home Depot!

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