Matt’s amazing superhero wedding surprise!

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Mercury hall wedding in austin, tx
At the end of their reception, Matt confessed to his brand spakin' new wife Jen that he had a secret to share. Then he ripped his tuxedo opened to reveal that he was, in fact, a freaking superhero! The Super Boyfriend.

Mercury hall wedding in austin, tx

And, wouldn't you know it, he clearly has side-kicks — like ANY good superhero.

Mercury hall wedding in austin, tx

Then Matt gave Jen a matching Super Girlfriend cape.

mercury hall wedding

Then they did what ANY of us would do after we found out that our husband is also a kick-ass superhero: they ran away together and (hopefully) they sealed the deal with some super sexy time!

Matt, you might as well have just dropped the mic and walked away from your wedding reception… because you fucking KILLED IT, man.

Thanks so much to their photographer Nadine for not only hooking us up with these photos, but capturing these moments so damn well. AMAZING.

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  1. PS–the best part was getting taken to the nicest hotel in Austin, barefoot, bedraggled, in wedding dress and cape, with a man in tights, and checking in.

    (If it’s not obvious, I’m the bride in the pic.)

    For any Austin-area OBBs, I highly recommend Nadine! She was fun, flexible, funny, and we had a great time with her. Plus her pics are just amazing.

    • OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD!!!!!!!! That is SO AWESOME!!!!! There aren’t actually enough capital letters and exclamation marks in the multiverse to do those picture and the hotel story justice! Just for curiosities sake, had the hotel staff been warned, or did you get the added bonus of seeing their faces?

      • We live in Austin, so they took in in stride–but they did not actually know we’d be in superhero costumes. My favorite moment was when were waiting in the hall outside the honeymoon suite (our key was broken) and we got bored and started running up and down the hall in our capes. Around the corner came a guy with a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne. He almost dropped it when he saw us.

        • Did you add the appropriate sound effects? You guys are just about the awesome-ist!

        • Okay, so I totally wanted to THIS! this, but the THIS! button doesn’t work 🙁
          But seriously, you guys are just awesome! And I wish I could have seen that guy’s face!

  2. I wish I were best friends with these people because I super duper want to give them high fives.

    That is only the most amazing thing ever.

  3. As one of Jen’s Bridesmaids, I must butt in and mention that her hair was up in a beautiful do all evening until just shortly before this. The Bridesmaids helped her finish taking it down after vigorous dancing took it most of the way down. So, while she looks lovely, she looked lovelier earlier.

  4. I am the “favorite Aunt” of the bride….and I am so sorry I didn’t get to see 1st hand, but Nadine’s photos gave me the opportunity to see the best part…The “superhero” and his bride…

  5. if anyone wants to replicate the outfit, it was made over a series of weeknights as the groom and I (wife of a friend of his from high school) tried to match busy schedules.

    The blue costume is underarmor that I painted over the logos. the red shorts are stripper dance panties. I had all the groomsmen lobby hard to get the groom to wear a cup for best appearance. The capes were 3 yards of shiny red polyester that I cut in half and box-pleated into the necks. to choose the red, i went to the fabric store and phoned pics of the colors to the groom, and then picked the best colors and tested the “swish” factor.

    the logos were a type of iron on the groom found for dark colors. it says only cotton, but with the underarmor stretched out and the iron on half the suggested heat and twice as long, it was no problem. i thought the logo a bit dark for a dark room, so I painted over the logo with fabric paint (same hue, 2 steps lighter) to give the emblem “oomph” (and the bride’s glitter).

    the rip-away tux was entirely ripaway, including the pants. i had the groom buy a suit from a thrift store a size too big, and that had the tux stripe down the leg. he put it on over the outfit and i marked where the jacket closed and where it met the shirt. i cut out the lining and cut out the shirt and sewed it (like a dicky) to the suitfront. i sewed the cuffs into the ends of the jacket. i took off all the buttons. and sewed in snap tape top to bottom (down to the bottom button of the jacket)and hot-glued the buttons back on. for the pants, i seam-ripped the side seams and folded back the tux tape. I sewed snap tape on the outside of both legs and then tacked down the tux tape over the stitches to hide it. snap tape is much faster to sew on and stronger than individual snaps. i had dyed the snap tape black to hide it. the pants were adjustable, so we adjusted them and then stitched that part closed so the adjuster wouldn’t ruin the rip-away.

    the masks were bought on the internet.

    In all the outfit (not including the grooms shopping time, which was considerable), was probably about 8-10hrs (thanks to the snap tape and utilizing the underarmor and shortie shorts), plus the wait time for the dye bath and painting to finish (did paint in two thin coats for maximum pliability, and definately need to stretch the underarmor while painting).

    • I have to commend you on the “super” job you did with the costuming! (See what I did there?) I especially love the rip-away tux, because that’s the part that makes the super hero so epic. Hats off!

  6. Bwahahahaha! That is hilarious and totally awesome. Even better that she got to go to a super swanky hotel and check in with the hubby dressed like that. Alas I am certain my dude does not have anything nearly that epicly hilarious planned. Maybe he has something up his sleeve for the honeymoon.

  7. That. Is. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to say that I have posted the link to this page on a (normally very sane) wedding forum that got trolled recently, upsetting a few people – this is the perfect tonic! Jen, your husband is amazing! x

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