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    Lily Guillen (she/her)
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    Artful, genuine, and intimate moments for unconventional lovers.

    Meowdy! I'm Lily Guillen, a unicorn-loving Mexican-born weirdo who loves to make photos of people in love. All love, that is. No matter the size, gender, shape, color, sexual orientation, ability, status, etc. The more unconventional you are, the better is what I always say lol.

    Through the process of inviting real emotion and intimate moments on your wedding day, you will get photographs that scream you. The REAL you. The one your partner fell in love with.

    So sit back, relax, and be your weird amazing self. You can have peace of mind that I will be there to capture everything as it unfolds.


    Liberate yourself from traditions

    As a Mexican- born woman, I grew up in a machista household with a strict religious upbringing. I was never afraid to speak up about questions I had for things that didn't make sense to me.

    That has not changed since. I have learned that we have the freedom to pick and choose what traditions we want to keep or bid adieu to.

    I'm in an interracial relationship with my Indian partner. We are building a life with foods that fuse our heritages together; we each get to celebrate or reject certain traditions; we get to adopt customs and languages from the other.

    There is no consequence, especially with love.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    As a tortured artist, I have always surrounded myself with other weirdos like me. The ones with colored hair or lots of tattoos. You know, the really cool people that are not afraid to be themselves. I strive to serve couples who go against the status quo- and love it!

    Bonus points if you’re a LBGTQ+, BIPOC, or interracial couple! As a brown woman, it’s super important to me to serve couples that are under represented in the wedding industry.

    I travel anywhere if you’d like to take me with you and I also offer expired 35mm film and Polaroids to add a vintage feel to your memories.

    "Lily is the BEST photographer. If you are looking for someone who really wants to capture the essence of your relationship, look no further. I would give Lily a million stars if I could. Plus, she is extremely queer friendly!"- Teegan Page

    I strive to serve the underrepresented people within the wedding industry in the way they deserve. I am more than happy to offer a complimentary engagement session to every engaged person that books from Offbeat Bride. This is not a deal you can get anywhere else! Let's talk about everything you're dreaming up, I can't wait!

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