Unite your entire community with a giant string

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We've seen a few ring warmings and handfastings in our time, but this guest participation ritual was a little bit different. Danielle and Davey wanted to bind the entire audience together to symbolize their unity. Check out what they did:

During the ceremony we wanted to do something meaningful to show that everyone there was involved in our love and relationship. So we thought of an idea to show that we were all connected. We got sprigs of lavender and tied string around them and placed them on everyone's seat. During the ceremony we asked everyone to tie the string to the neighbor next to them and then we placed the string around us so everyone in the room was connected as we said our vows.

This is as easy as measuring out some string and being prepared to explain the concept! Read more about this bike-riding Seattle wedding here.


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  1. This is great. I went to a wedding in SF several years ago where they passed out a whole lot of twine, and everyone there (300 or so people) grabbed hold of it and then the couple literally “tied the knot.”

    It was awesome.

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