Steal this menu: Pacific Northwest-style comfort food (plus root beer floats!)

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we made our our dinner menus.
Photos by Carly Bish

Perhaps I was jonesing for some comfort food, but when I spied the menu from Lisa and Kevin's garden party comfort food wedding, I was all “YESSSSSSS.” So I asked Lisa to give us even more information on their wedding day noms.

Lisa and Kevin worked with a chef at Orcas Hotel and requested all of the dishes listed, which were totally doable and awesome. They were focusing on comfort food-meets-Pacific Northwest. Plus, they handled some of the snack items and the cakes themselves.

The week before the wedding they made 60 quarts of caramel corn and the three wedding cakes. These two aren't underachievers.

caramel corn
The pre-ceremony snack: homemade caramel corn in action.

Main Dishes

pecan chicken 072612 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Now this looks like a good example of pecan-crusted chicken. Source: via Megan on Pinterest

From Lisa and Kevin's wedding profile, we already knew that they had their rings made from a coin from one of Kevin's late father's collection to honor him. But in the menu, Lisa's dad also had his moment. He was a pecan farmer, so they asked Chef Ryan to make something with pecans. They were already planning fried chicken, so in came pecan-crusted chicken! Delicious and meaningful is a total win.

crab roll sandwiches

Lisa and Kevin had originally been thinking of something like lobster rolls, but decided on crab roll sandwiches instead, to bring in some Pacific Northwest flavor.

crispy tofu sandwiches
For the vegetarian crowd, these crispy tofu sandwiches look amazing and fancy.

Side dishes

hush puppies
Lisa told us that she heard lots of stories about guests trying to scam other tables out of their hush puppies! From the looks of them, I can totally see why.

Cole slaw is a natural choice for a comfort food companion. It's good alone or stacked on top of other food! It's versatile like that.

grilled corn
You can never go wrong with mini corn on the cob. But perhaps think about putting some tooth picks on the table for later.

Beverages and desserts (which are also sometimes both!)

The THREE homemade cakes.

Lemonade in a vintage-style dispenser is perfection. This was served alongside the caramel corn before the ceremony.

root beer floats
The pièce de résistance (according to me) were the root beer floats. Nothing says summer like a good ol' Black Cow.

hush puppies & corn
Lisa and Kevin served up all of the food on their own vintage china, which they are now renting out under the name “rad wedding crockery.”

Do YOU have a menu you want to share? Make us hungry and let us know about it.

photography: Carly Bish Photography

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  2. I just booked Orcas and was worrying over the menu. I’m excited to see the chef is so flexible. This menu looks incredible! Thanks for sharing.

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