We've seen some weddings in the round before, but Jenni and Shaun's “spiral aisle” is pretty genius. Not only does it make a great photo from above, it would also allow all your guests to totally check out your outfit as you walk in the spiral. It's all very Yellow Brick Road and I'm loving it!

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  1. This is fantastic! It invokes all the great symbolism that comes along with a never ending spiral : )

  2. It looks cool in an overhead photograph. Yet, I have to wonder if it leaves some of the guests out of the ceremony.

    The bridesmaids & groomsmen are standing. Can guests in the outer spiral easily see through them to view the happy couple exchange vows?

  3. I love this idea, but I’m wondering, what about the folks stuck looking at everyone’s butts? Do the couple and attendants and such rotate during the ceremony to give everyone a good view?

  4. I want use a spiral aisle for our wedding with approx 50 guests… not sure if it would look right with that many people? Also, not having a bridal party – so it would just be bride, groom, officiant. I’d like to hear from a couple who has used this…

  5. Hey guys. This is actually me and my husband. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that yes, this does run the risk of some people getting a glorious view of the wedding party’s butts, which is why asking your event planner/rental vender/helpers to SPACE OUT the seats is important :)- that way guests can scoot over if needed. This seating arrangement has a story behind it – only 6 members of my family were able to attend the wedding and this was a few months after my mother passed away (making the lack of family attendance more disappointing than it normally would be for me). The spiral helped me to avoid the traditional, bride-side/groom-side arrangement (which would have been a reminder of the lack of my family attending) and it symbolized the blending of my family, my husband’s family, and our close friends into one big awesome family. To me, that meant more than making sure everyone could see the ceremony.

    • Hey there! We’re planning to do this at our 10/4 wedding. Did you have a floorplan/grid or did you just eyeball it? Any tips?

  6. I love the idea…any thoughts on how to make it more of a maze for us to wander thru from opposite sides on our way to “finding each other” without it looking chaotic?

  7. I absolutely loved this idea (spirals holding special meaning for the celt in me) but unfortunately my groom is going to be so nervous to be in front of people let alone surrounded by them.

  8. Well, we’ve pretty much decided we want this. We’re getting married in our meadow, and what I think will happen is we will have the closest seats reserved for bridal party to take at some point, so that everyone has as clear a view of the ceremony as possible. I have very little family, no parents, so the “surrounding” and “embracing” feeling really appeals to me. Since we’ll get married after I’m through with cancer treatment, the sense of support and merging of my friends, his friends, and his family into one is even more significant.

  9. This is a beautiful idea. When I saw a picture of it I couldn’t wait to show my fiance. It is perfect for us. It is what we would like to do for our ceremony as the symbolism of walking the spiral really appeals to both of us and we think it is great that it gives everyone a clear view of us as we walk to the center and it gives us a chance to see and acknowledge all our loved ones we have around us as we go. We have plenty of space for the spiral since we are doing our wedding on the family farm. But we have some concern about the potential size of the spiral since we will likely have around 60-70 people in attendance and it may be difficult for everyone to comfortably see and hear everything during the ceremony itself so we have to figure that part out.

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