Screw shotgun weddings — it’s all about these shotgun boutonnieres

Guest post by jennibailey
Photos by Jenni Bailey
Photos by Jenni Bailey

I made my own DIY shotgun shell boutonnieres! I ordered the vintage shells and the feathers from separate shops on Etsy, and I'm growing my own Baby's Breath to replace those pink flowers on the day of the wedding.

There are seven boutonnieres in total: five 12 gauge and two 410 shells. One of the 410 shells will be the ring bearer's boutonniere, and the other will be my mom's corsage. And the 12 gauge shells go for the groom, three groomsmen, and my father.


Basically, all I did was hot glue a bunch of feathers on top of each other and shoved them down into the shells. Then I stuck the flowers into the shells in front. Easy and awesome!

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  1. I ADORE this idea. When you think outside the box its amazing what you come up with!! Well done.

  2. LOVE this! I am planning to incorporate pheasant feathers as a nod to my family of hunters (sorry gentle people), and never thought of this, but the vintage shells are beautiful.

    • I had seen that you can take a safety pin and hot glue it to the back. Never tried it myself, but seems like it would work. Hope that helps!

  3. I would also know how to attach the pins to the shell. It seems hot glue would easily break

  4. I love this. My husband is a AMMO troop and this is so perfect for our wedding!!

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