Orla Kiely Par for the Dessert Course Dress from ModCloth

You know what you rarely see on wedding gowns? SLEEVES! Sure, you can always find a nice bolero or lacy jacket to pair with your strapless dress to give the illusion of sleeves, but finding a gown with the sleeves already attached isn't always the easiest task.

We hunted down seven inexpensive sleeved dress options that are pretty sweet… with a few exceptions, these are all way under $500.

I Get a Kick Out of Debut Dress from ModCloth

Whispering Meadow Dress from ModCloth

Finespun Florals Dress from ModCloth

Amaranthine Entrance Dress from ModCloth

Woodland Wedding Dress from ModCloth

Those aren't the only sleeved wedding gown options out there — we've got an entire post archive full of 'em. If you know of other great sleeved dresses available online, share links in the comments!

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Comments on Wedding dresses to crush on: 7 sleeved gowns

    • it is s beautiful! It’s basicly the dress I was searching the internet for. What type of chiffon is it ? Is it made of synthetic fabric? Is it itchy? How does it fit?
      Do you know anything about the maker?

  1. I’m so happy to see this! Arm modesty is important in a lot of cultures and all too often people who want to even make a gesture in that direction don’t have very good options. But these are all super cute!

  2. A note on ordering a dress from China – order a size up if you’re in America. I’ve ordered several pieces of clothing from “off-shore” websites, and they always run small.
    You can always have the dress tailored down, but tailoring it to fit larger is a bit more of a challenge.

  3. Or- if you have a strapless gown- there is a shop on Etsy that sells removable straps, cap sleeves etc……it’s called ‘Rosemarydesignsbride’
    They have a number of styles- or will custom make them to match your gown

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