Ditch the photo guest book and ask your artistic guests to draw self-portraits

Guest post by Lily

self-portrait guestbook

We were initially going to make a photo book as our guestbook, but didn't have enough time to create one. So we went into an art store and came across a photography-themed journal filled with illustrations of cameras, photo-taking paraphernalia, and blank “frames.” It gave us the idea to ask our guests to draw self-portraits. We allowed lots of space for our guests (many of them artists) to fill it in with their artwork and signatures and colored Sharpies added to the fun.

Plenty of guests did ignore the self-portrait request, but we were truly surprised, touched, and tickled by those who obliged. Even shaky stick figures and primitive smiley faces brought tears to our eyes as we read through the entries.

Obviously, any journal, scrapbook, or even book can be used, but you'll want thicker pages if you're using Sharpies to avoid bleed-through. Also, be sure to put up a sign asking guests to draw a self-portrait!

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  1. Great idea! We ‘re doing something very similar. Instead of a guest book we’re bringing loose paper and a ton of assorted arts and crafts supplies (glitter glue! pom poms! etc.) and encouraging guests to go crazy. We put up a little instruction sheet with tips and ideas. I think using loose paper means people will be able to spend a lot more time on their page.

  2. We had a watercolor table set up in lieu of a guestbook. Except we forgot to put up the sign explaining it. Put up a sign! (Also, test out your materials. Our watercolors were total crap.) I still wish our idea had worked.

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