Why you should elope and/or party down with Seattle wedding photographer Jenny GG

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We love wedding photographer Jenny GG! And not just because she hails from the Offbeat Empire's home-base of Seattle, or because she's been a sponsor since 2009 (!), but mostly because she's super-amazeballs talented and always produces fabulous wedding porn.

Let's all take a minute to look over some of her latest fabulous wedding porn (including a photo I can NOT STOP staring at — “the legs, the ink…”), remember again why we love her so, AND talk about her new Offbeat Bride discount…

I mean… couldn't you just DIE over this incredible wedding image!? I've seriously been just staring at this and soaking it all in for a lot longer than I'd like to admit. Want a photographer that'll nail that amazing shot of your fantastic ink and wedding accessories, on top of all the crazy wedding hoopla? Jenny's your girl!

Of course, if you're looking for someone to shoot your simple-but-fun elopement, Jenny GG has a special elopement package starting at $750. She also has a passport and ain't afraid to travel. So Jenny's talents are not just limited to you lucky Seattleites.

No matter what kind of wedding you're having — elopement, big-ass party, small hand-fasting — Jenny GG is going to capture the very essence of your celebration:

My approach to photography is fun, playful and rarely posed. Authenticity is important — your photos should be about you and your love and the things that make you a couple… Your photos are not about me or my “art;” your life is art and I would like to be the one to capture it. I want to create photographs that not only catch the special moments, but that will also tell your story that you will treasure forever.


OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Jenny GG is offering a special discount of 10% off any package booked. Just mention that you found her on Offbeat Bride!

On top of all that — talented, fun and playful, and a special discount — Jenny GG thinks it's important that you really like your photographer personally. And so do we. Go find out why Offbeat Brides have been booking Jenny since 2009!

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  1. Lovely pictures! If we didn’t already have a photog plan (and we lived a little closer), I’d probably go for her!

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